Saturday, 15 October 2016


NITC (Naturals In The City), is a quarterly event which brings all Naturalistas,  and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts in Lagos together. The #NITC16 took place on the 17th of September 2016, Organized by Natural Nigerian, Carib Health, Ms Isioma and The Kink and I at NEO cafe Agoro Odiyan Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria. Its a late post, because I lost some of my note and picture file due to faulty gadget, but really I must share what I have, as the next one will be coming up in December 2016.
So here is all you missed and what went down at the event. NITC16 had 5 interesting segments for the day,

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I always get questions from people asking me about brands or products that I use and if they work for me, especially Natural, Haircare, Beauty, Skincare, Fashion and Health care products. Every month, I will review 5 of such products. This review is a special one, because I had such a nice and wonderful experience getting most of the products online from an ecommerce site - VeeStore. My experience at VeeStore is one that I will keep singing and gushing about. I didnt have time to order online, so with a text message and via Instagram (benefits of social media marketing) I sent my order and the customer service at Vee Store, took it up from there, I was asked for my email, my mobile number and address, the order was placed for me, I transferred the money and within a working day, Jand2Gidi delivered my products from vee store, they followed up with calls and text messages, wow! I am speechless, I felt like a king.

Here are the products that worked for me in September till now -

1. Black Rose Luxury Black soap- This is one of my purchase from Vee store online, I found out the benefits of black soap years after I quarrelled with my late grandma for forcing me to bath with black soap, as a child. The black soap comes in a liquid form, in a cute black bottle with black and mustard ribbon around the cap of the bottle, the content of the bottle is the black soap which smells so natural like kernel, it leather's well and asides using it to bath, I also use it for my facial routine. I call it my Natural Liquid Black Soap.

2. Fig Health Store Coconut oil- I also got this Fig Coconut oil online from VeeStore, coconut oil is every home's essential oil, I use it for my natural hair, sometimes on my skin and I once used the Fig coconut virgin oil to fry yam, the yam turned out nice, it was light and didn't retain oil like some vegetable oil. What I am not so sure of is why the Fig coconut oil wasn't a bit thick as the one I once got from an old lady who makes it locally at Lawanson market, but it smells so nice and natural like coconut, I spend so much time inhaling it. Good news, 500ml sells for 1,500naira in Nigeria's currency.

3. Zaron Lipstick Pen - This one was given to me after I anchored the 5th Edition of the Lagos Make up fair, I love this lipstick pen by Zaron Cosmetics, because it servers as a lipstick and a lip liner and yes for the love of nude, it gives me a chic and natural look, it is thick to the feel, but subtle on the lip, it is also easy to carry around, just apply effortlessly. This two in one new innovation is nice( Lipstick and lip liner) .

4. Sensodyne Tooth Paste - Dental Care is one that I take so serious as I have a funny dentition. So Last month I attended the Kebth Dali medical expo and Sensodyne was one of the vendors, they spoke about dental Care and at their stand, they carried out tooth sensitivity test, I went for it and I got a free Sensodyne daily care tooth paste, I tried it out and I like the feel and mint taste, so I purchased another one and started using. I still feel shock on my teeth when I gaggle cold water, but it isn't as harsh as before I started using Sensodyne. I believe using it over a long period of time will cure that! They also have the Sensodyne teeth whitener, I will also try it out and do a review.

5. Sun shade - This is my fashion fetish! I can never be caught stepping out of the house without one in my bag. This one isn't designers, but I love it because it looks like one, I like the way I see the environment, it feels like one if these photo filters, it fits my face, gives me a chic look and the fact that I bought it for just 1,200 naira in Nigeria currency leaves me speechlessly happy! If there is a phrase like that.

Have you had any blissful or bad online / offline customer service experience? Have you tried any of the products above? Kindly share in the comment section.

Customer Service is Key! Invest in it as much as you will in your Products 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Happy New Month and Happy New week! Today's OOTD is one that I am so happy and eager to share. So two weeks ago while I was multitasking ( watching the grand finale of project fame season 9 and ironing my turtle neck gown) it was the grand finale! I couldn't miss it and hey, I wasnt sure of power supply, so I make good use of light when it comes. To cut the long story short, I forgot to turn off the iron as I ran off to watch as Okiemute Ighorodje was being announced winner. Before I realized what was happening, the electric iron had taken a better part of my dress *Screams* sobs*

I was so pained, because I have won the dress HERE it fits well on me and I love turtleneck, I couldn't let go the outfit, because I loved the fitting on me. So I had to come up with something. Lucky enough,the dress got burnt at the lower part, so I decided to apply my new skill (sewing) yes! I am learning how to sew simple dresses. I cut the dress into two, discarded the part that was affected and converted the upper part into a crop top. I paired the Outfit with a Maxi Flower patterned Skirt that my Mum got for me from one of her conference trips to Abuja.
I rocked this outfit to shoot my video for #LindaIkejiMedia #Vjsearch2016.

You can checkout the video on my Instagram handle @divauju like my video and tag your friends too.
Share with me, how will you transform a damaged dress to a reusable one?

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Do you know that anger is temporal madness? How well do you know about your mental status? In a raging society where Stress, Sucide and un-necessary Shootings / killing has become the order of the day, our mental, psychological and physical health should constantly be in check.
The Mentally aware Nigeria initiative (MANI), non-profit organisation setting the pace for mental health awareness and reform in Nigeria, would be having her first outdoor event on  the 9th of October 2016 following a number of online driven campaigns.

This mental health awareness program, themed EAT OUT TO REACH OUT, will be  holding at The N-tyce Lounge, Karimu Kotun, Victoria Island Lagos from 12 noon.

The event is set to be with an unprecedented level of entertainment and information centred around mental health and stigmatization in Nigeria. 

On the day, There'll be a great level of mentally challenging activities with the presence of mental health intellectuals and professionals participating, to keep it both educative and entertaining.

I bet you can agree that it is time we tried to understand what mental illness really is about. 

Do come, unwind, play, eat (we'll have a couple of really affordable vendors on site), purchase merchandise (cool tees for the cool kids) and kindly support a cause that has been long neglected in this part of the world.

We look forward to having you.

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016


I love Award events, because of the Red carpet Glitz and Glam, the unplanned emotions around it and the fact that it rewards excellence and hard work! The Emmy Award recognizes excellence in Various sectors of the American television Industry.

The 5 outfits shared in this post are my favourite because of the trend and creativity in the outfits.

  1. Kerry Washington Slayed in an "All Black Everything" Outfit,  From the view at the front, then the cutout at the sides and the tail behind! What other Stylish way can you style a bump? Preggy Moms can look stylish too! 

Kerry Washington in Brandon Maxwell.

 3.  Heidi Klum
For the Love of white! I love the Glittering white outfit, this outfit felt like two different styles on one toned body ( I couldnt help but notice that fit body) the Sleeved part with the cutout and the Sleeveless part with the Slit! Very Creative. 

Heidi Klum in Micheal Kors

    2. Priyanka Chopra: Red for Nights! Red on the Red Carpet! Priyanka's outfit is everything beautiful, from the Red hot colour to the creative mono-strap design and yes the twirl! I love
Priyanka Chopra in Jason Wu

     4.  Stylish Kids gets me so emotional! Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Millie Bobby Brown looked amazing in their Simple yet Stylish outfits. The Monochrome between the guys is creative!

   5.  Tom Cullen : Just because a guy had to make it to this list. It looked like all the guys wanted to wear monochrome! Black and White was the order of the day for the guys, I for once thought it was the norm for guys attending the EMMYS. This Suit really sat well on him, I like the silky touch at the pocket and collar.

Tom Cullen

Any Objections? What were your Favourite Styles at the 2016 EMMY AWARDS?

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Monday, 5 September 2016


What is the hope of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria? Today’s Monday Random topic is one that really concerns all of us as a nation and it is really hurting me. Just last week, there was a devastating news and video making rounds on Social media, it was a disheartening video, showing the demolition process of Nuli Juice Company, Nuts about cake and some other small businesses around it in Rumens at Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria. Nuli  and Nuts about cakes may have appeared to be the worst hit, because they leverage on the use of social media for advertising as opposed to very expensive Radio, Bill board and TV advertising rate.
Remains from Rumens Demolition

Just as I was starting to celebrate the fact that in this part of the world, Natural and healthy living is now the order of the day, and that small businesses can thrive with the help of good publicity and Social media, Just a month ago after being tagged on instagram to one of Nuli’s post by a friend asking me to checkout the place and do a review, she kept on gushing about their juice, only for me to see on instagram that Nuli branch at Ikoyi has been demolished without notice. What breaks my heart is that they claim to have been given just an hour notice, that the landlord had an issue with the government over 40 million naira, and that some of the tenants already paid rents a week before demolition. I couldn’t watch the video more than once, because equipment worth millions of naira went down, in the presence of 4 armed police men, who supervised the whole process as the bulldozer bulldozed the building, on lookers, staffs and owners of the businesses were sad, there was tears and gloom.

My question and curiosity is : 
Why didn't the government intervene? Why didn't the rightful landlord just buy and take over the building instead of demolishing someone’s blood, sweat and money? How can there be such destruction in this recession? 

There is no light, Dollar rates have increased, we have bad roads, there are no proper funding for other sources of generating national revenue, there are painful and unreasonable government policies that wont allow businesses thrive  

If our government and affluent influential individuals wont provide jobs or sources of income in Nigeria, then why demolish or kick people out of their own Jobs that they created for themselves?

What is the hope for future Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in Nigeria?
Why destroy a legitimate business and then claim to help tackle unemployment?
What is the reward for hard work? Does the government understand the impact and role of Small and Medium Scale Businesses?

Not to even talk of selfish people who will only invest in your business if they will take 50% off your proceeds.
Impunity and lawlessness by armed security and unarmed law enforcement officials must STOP! 
The world must hear this! Our good leaders must come to our aid, let us #SaveSmallBusinesses . I contribute this write up as my voice to the voice of every affected and concerned individual.
I am very happy that Nuli and Nuts about cakes still delivers despite the demolition and most of their staffs haven’t lost their Jobs, thanks to the founders of the Social media platforms that have allowed us share our voices, use our hashtags and promote our businesses.

QUOTE: You can only demolish a persons building, but you can never steal their dreams, passion, vision, ambition, hardwork, tenacity and drive - Tara Fela Durotoye

Friday, 2 September 2016


Happy New Month! Welcome to the "ember" quarter of the year. So I am starting a Fashion DIY channel, I will always find a way to link it here on the blog, so watch out! Today, I will be showing a practical demonstration on how I transformed my bronze hoop earring, using African print "Ankara"
I have had this bronze earring for 5 years now, it started wearing off, then I tot to myself why discard it? Just transform it! So I got some pieces left from the Ankara material I made a dress from, and Viola a new earring was born!
  • Ankara fabric (Quite Small to go round your earring or pieces from your tailors shop) make sure to select the pieces with lovely, regular pattern.
  • A hoop earring
  • Uhu gum (a garment friendly adhesive)
  • Scissor


  • Cut through the fabric vertically, long enough to go round the earring, 
  • Cut the tip of the already cutout vertical fabric into an inverted triangle shape, this is to make it tip smaller and easier to start wrapping at the beginning part of the hoop earring.
  • Apply little amount of Uhu Gum to the tip of the fabric and start wrapping tightly and neatly,
  • making sure the fabric overlaps neatly on the ends of each wrap
  • When you get to the end of the hoop, apply the Uhu Gum and neatly seal the end, use a Scissors to neatly cut and effect the finishing.

The Finished Ankara Earring
You can follow me on Instagram for a full video on how I made this in one minute! @divaUju is my Instagram handle

Quote: Nothing Should really never go to waste! Use! Reuse! Recycle! and Use again! - Ethniques with Uju