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Hi everyone, hope you all spent your weekend well. My weekend was splendid and am still basking in all the fun and excitement. I am feeling so fresh, healthy and exited because I have resorted to living healthy and natural. From growing my hair natural to workout exercises and now adding veggies and fruits to my diets.

So I have been trying out different smoothie recipes, and I have been enjoying it. Thinking what a smoothie is? Smoothies are fruits and vegetables blended together to get a very nutritious paste like drink. You can add Natural flavors such as vanilla syrup, yogurt, soy milk, honey, whole milk and Toppings such as Nuts (almond nuts, cashew nuts, peanuts). Smoothies are very healthy, nutritious, it’s also a great way to add to your diets all those veggies you can’t eat but they are very essential to your health, just blend them in a blender or fruit mixer, then drink it. Most of these smoothies are served at workout places such as the Gym, at a high cost, why not try it a…


Happy new month and happy weekend peeps may this month be a November to remember for good. My weekend started out very well, I and my home girl went to see the movie WHEN LOVE HAPPENS, it’s a Nigerian Romantic Comedy, watch this space for the review. It’s a fantastic movie I must say.
I have been practicing and trying to live a healthy lifestyle, which has made me decide to go Natural with my hair, add more vegetables and fruit to my diet and workout exercises. So of recent I have been getting positive feedback concerning my physique and someone asked me “what is your workout routine” I thought about it, decided to share my workout routine, Need I say that I am not a gym rat or fitness instructor, am just sharing what works for me. I contacted a very good friend of mine Kizito Alex who is a Fitness freak and a Gym rat to explain WHAT FITNESS IS.