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Darlo Organics Skincare line is an award winning, NAFDAC approved, natural, organic and handmade skincare line manufactured in the DARLO factory here in Nigeria by the renowned CEO and cosmotologist ; Damilola Harrison. Darlo Organics skincare caters to women of colour, kids and the skin concious man.

DARLO Organics store is a general health, wellness and beauty store that is set to launch its Lekki outlet on the 28 of October 2018. The Launch is going to feature industry experts in a brunch to discuss "A Healthy Skincare and Lifestyle", A sales party, Dinning, Networking and Lots of fun.

With all proof, I can tell you that majority of your beauty and skincare needs can be found at DARLO Organics store, I have visited, used some Darlo products and the spa. I can't wait to share my review with you all. If you are a tea and oil lover like me, your favourite oil, tea, powders, beauty and wellness products can be found at the store located at 4B Emma Abimbola close off Fola osibo Lekki phase 1 Lagos. The DARLO factory is also located in Surulere Lagos.

I am particularly excited about this one, because my PR company; The Lifestyle Brand Consult is on this. See you all on Sunday, if you want a free invite, kindly drop a comment


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