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It’s been a month since Hangoutwithtee hosted its 4th edition of the Hangoutwithtee ladies event and the feedback has been incredibly positive and the overall event was received as “inspirational”!

The ladies gathered Sunday afternoon, March 18th, 2018 at Firewood, Sabo Yaba for an afternoon of fun with 150+ women in attendance.
Tomi Odunsi at the 4th Edition of Hangout With Tee
The speakers came from a variety of backgrounds, but all had one common theme! The speakers discussed topics that empowered and inspired women, taking them on a journey from one stage of their lives to the next and all that it took to get there.

Speakers included: Lawyer and OAP Adenike Oyetunde, Mercy Makinde, CEO Iaspire Radio and Founder of The Amazing Amazon Initiative, MD Sleek Studio Nigeria Dr. Ebele Ugochukwu and Tochi Okafor, a self-development expert.

There was a flawless musical performance by Pop Queen Naya Rhythm and Ella Forttee, a young and talented Spoken word artist, shared an inspirational poem.

This spectacular event was a success and made possible by Ultima Limited, Guardian Woman, Sofy Nigeria, Mysha, Eko Supreme Resources, Sleek Studio, Food Concept, Olori Supergal, Miss Petite, Woman Ng, Ladybrille, This Is Lagos, Damies Diary, Ethniques Blog.
Here are the highlights of the event: 

See all the amazing photos from the Hangoutwithtee4 below:

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