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Calling on all Fashion Entrepreneurs, The 360 Creative Hub is hosting the maiden edition of her project tagged “360 Fashion Acceleration Program (FAP)”  The Fashion Acceleration Program is a specialized training program aimed at accelerating 30 emerging Fashion entrepreneurs with existing businesses in Lagos Nigeria, to become the next big Nigerian brand and to transform their fashion label into a sustainable business. Our mission is to
show participants the business side of the industry, how to grow their business and provide a platform for Local talented designers to showcase their Unique arts through Fashion.
This program will see professionals in their fields as Facilitators, such as Pepper Chikezie of the Assembly hub, Chucks Sunesis creative director Ocha Creative Academy, Temidayo Adeshola founder CelaAfrique, Jane Maduegbunam co founder of Afinolly, Pushpak Damodar Managing director Global frontier Advisors, Salami Abolore founder Riby Finance, Gbenga Totoyi founding partner Alan & Grant, to mention a few. The Fashion Acceleration Program is for a period of 3 months, from the 16th of May to 2nd of August 2018. It is a Designer-In Residence program, which will cut across all the value chains in the fashion industry, this includes; Fashion designers, Fashion Bloggers, Fashion illustrators, Fashion Retailers, Pattern makers, Jewelers, Shoemakers, Bag Makers, and every fashion-related field. Tasks will be given; winners will emerge and be rewarded.
The 360 Creative Hub is a co-working startup studio, that provides fashion entrepreneurs with the resources they need to transform their businesses into global profitable brands. Our collective space provides a platform for Brands and Fashion focused individuals to work, collaborate, converse and achieve their dreams with the right equipment, environment and source of power supply.We are building an Ecosystem for Creatives in the Fashion, Crafts and Tech space.

For more information, contact Uju - 09092930497 Blessing - 08037511669
Send an email to
Visit to apply.
PR - @TheLifestyleBrandConsult.

This is a Program I am so excited about, because The Lifestyle Brand Consult; TLBC is the PR / Brand communications firm behind the program, and guess what, TLBC is my baby founded by me 🙆🙋
Hurry to @TheLifestyleBrandConsult on Instagram to partake in the Giveaway for a slot to be in the Acceleration Program.


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