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Wow! It is the first blog post for the year 2018! Yippie 🙌. Happy new year all.
So recently, I watched an episode of Revenge Body with Klohe Kardashian on E! And one of the dermatologist on the show said "sleeping on your side makes you age faster 😱 but sleeping straight facing up, is anti-aging. Wow who could have thought and researched that?

Skincare is priority for me, I am obsessed with healthy skin, so I will have to reconsider my sleeping position. So Schick Magazine had her 12 days of Christmas giveaway last year 2017, I entered and won for myself  a range of the House Of Coco Skincare product, Yay! 🙌🙌

Asides my Baby lotion, serum and natural home remedies, I am always intrigued and super excited when I lay my hands on a good body Scrub, Soap and essential oils. Check out one botanical, anti-aging cleanser that I once used and can't stop gushing over HERE . So when I got my hands on House Of Coco full body skincare range, I was excited because;

  • The Packaging - Unboxing it was sweet when I saw that cute thank you card inside, then the all white theme, the bottles are neatly sealed, it is something I definately want to keep on my stand.
  • The Labeling - All the ingredients were neatly written on the container, and they are organic. 
  • Ingredients - So the House of coco skincare range has various products, and I got 5 out of them; The Hydrating facial milk, Moisturizing body milk, the Black soap + honey and tea tree facial wash, the hydrating facial toner and The Exfoliating shower gel. 
The Exfoliating Shower Gel caught my attention because I love the scent of a good sweet smelling soap, I saw exfoliating, the contents which includes; Dead sea salts, Brown sugar, honey, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, I jumped on it and started using it, I had to use it for 2 weeks and I am still using it, before doing any review, I must say it is the best shower gel I have laid my hands on, the granules inside are subtle on my skin, the sweet scent and it doesn't over lather or make you waste water, It keeps my skin looking silky. The glow on my skin lately is amazing, I get lots of questions, so I am here to share.

I am not a product kind of girl ( experimenting with products), My skincare regime has always been Natural and Organic. I like to use home remedies such as the Rice water treatment, steaming over a pot of hot water, scrubbing with a mixture of Honey, Sugar and Lemon for exfoliating, Spa once in 4months, to Eating Veggies and Fruits everyday or eating it alone  for a whole week monthly, the outcome and compliments, inclusive of a good gene, has been flawless all the way, then adding this House Of Coco Exfoliating Shower gel, I am on a journey to flawless healthy skin. 
I realized that there was no trademark or Nafdac number, I was taken aback abit, then did my research, to findout that they are new, I love startups! They have gotten reviews and feedbacks, So I cut them the slack . I followed them on Socials, and I love their skincare tips. This is not a sponsored post! I am just happy because of the result I have gotten. 
What is your latest skincare find? Kindly share and let's glow and grow together.
You can reach House Of Coco on Instagram @houseofcoco_ng and for a full range of all their products and skincare consultation, do visit 


  1. Good! Lovely post. Every female wants to become beautiful also me. Do you know? how to tan perfectly, then let me know.
    Thank you


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