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It was my first time to the western part of Nigeria asides Lagos where I currently reside. On the 13th of December 2017, the bus took off from Lagos; it was a road trip, some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen travelled together in a 14 sitter bus and it was fun! We got to Akure in about 4 hours’ time and settled in ready and just in time for #HappilyEverEshos Yes o, My friend Adenike Adebayo was getting married to her Beau Oluwatosin Esho. Cut long Story Short, they are now married. Their love story is so sweet, follow @adenikeadebayo on instagram to read up.

From my research, it has come to my notice that December is the month when lots of wedding ceremonies, proposals and love stories begin. The IJGB (I just got back) Looking for ladies to impress with their spree spree spree accent, Ladies shopping and fighting with their tailors just to get the perfect fit and outfit to attract the guys. For me, my aunties have started calling from the East and my Mum has started prophesying that 2018 is the year, while me I am here trying to keep up with 3 jobs, get more money and lots of endorsement deals, I am tired of heartbreaks seriously.

So at the office today, some ladies and guys were discussing about weddings, proposals and the ridiculous places where NOT to propose. The top 5 places on their list are ;

  • At someone’s wedding – It is a no no! A selfish act at that, please do not steal the couples shine on their wedding day. 
  • At the Cinemas – How can you pause our movie, just because you want to ask someone to marry you? What if coincidentally two people in the movie room bear the same name and they both see their names scroll on the screen, it will be a case of can the real Bae stand up. Future Husband, take note. 
  • At NYSC Camp ground - Not during the passing out parade with our uniforms, please give me something romantic, let me have good pictures for the grams. Some people dont even like crowd.
  • MALL - Hmmmmn! This is a very common one, you dont want to spend money on dinner abi gift, it feels like you are cajoling me into saying yes in presence of everyone. What if I get shy and run away? What if I dont want to say yes to you, but because of the presence of people, I am pressured into saying yes? Think about it Bros.
  • MARKET – When I heard the gist about proposing in the market, I said it is a lie, till I saw a video. Haba Oga no naa, why didnt you do it in the village square? next thing you will hear at the background is Nne, Adam, Omo mi say yes na
Please guys, I like a private proposal of Dinner, serenade and the ring on top of a Mercedes benz car. After dinner, you sing to me, or get them serenade guys to do me one of our fave love songs, then ask me to close my eyes and lead me to where the car and the ring is. Remember, location is key! Breeze must be touching me *smiles* I will also understand if you don’t understand how to do this.

How do you want to be proposed to? Must it be with a rock or car? Where will you like to be proposed to? How will you like to be proposed to? Share in the comment session.


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