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My Five Fave Things So I recently just discovered some products that makes me pop during the day for a few weeks now, so I decided to share. The five favorite things I am loving now are in no particular other; PURE BLISS BISCUITS Some people strongly advise that one becareful when buying things in Lagos traffic, but you see this pure bliss biscuit, I have bought it in Lagos traffic and I have had no regrets. When I see these boys hawk it in traffic, my eyes pop and my throat leaps for joy. The Creamy rich biscuit sells has two flavors, the Vanilla and the Chocolate. I have come to love the chocolate flavor, because it is filling, the vanilla flavor is just too sweet and can make me spend all my money *covers face*  Pure Bliss biscuit sells for a 100naira, it contains 8 pieces in a pack and it is manufactured by OK foods. It can pass for breakfast when taken with coffee or tea. FLAT SANDAL Yes its just a flat sandal with no label, but the carton colour and the simplicity