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I like my Monday Random corner, it is my rant and your rant corner. So yesterday, Behind the scene of a photoshoot for the fashion brand ROSEJANE Collection, I and a couple of other friends behind the scene got talking; Entrepreneurship, the Journey and challenges. One of our friends BTS complained bitterly about "how he saw an advert online, from a credible source to apply for funds, which requires that Startups who needs funding for their businesses sends in their business Ideas to the email address of the investor, then after proper screening, top 10 ideas will get shortlisted and invited to a boot camp where they will meet other startups and also get mentored . He sent his business idea, and was finally shortlisted via mail, after which he never heard from the Organisers, until Months later, only for him to discover that a winner who has the same business idea and model as his has emerged. More so is that the organiser already adopted the business as his, and flagging i


Hygiene they say, teaches us how to be watchdogs of our own health, and good health is wealth! To encourage good and personal hygiene practices, Aimcare Services , a social enterprise established to promote personal hygiene and instigate behavioral change by engaging in hygiene education and advocacy, is set to carry out a hygiene outreach exercise across public schools in Lagos State on the 12TH to 18th of July 2017, to mark Nelson Mandela's day. Our Theme for this exercise is : Hygiene For Every Child. For sponsorship, participation and donation  Call 07032359249. Email;  As part of your personal social responsibility, you can share this on your social media handles, using these hash tags. #HygieneForEveryChild #SaveAchild #MandelasDay #NelsonMandela #Aimcare #Healthcare #child #children #Health #Love #Hygiene A donation of Always Sanitary Pad, Toothbrushes and Detol soaps will be appreciated. Call 07032359249 for drop off. Do n