Monday, 6 February 2017


Happy new month all! welcome to the month of love, and Yes it is my birth month, giveaway loading!
 In the beginning of this month, a friend of mine said to me "Uju this is already the second month of the year 2017, and I am not even sticking to my goals, how realistic is this sticking to ones goals sef, She said I want to be more, asides my 9 to 5 what does life hold for me" I told her to Find that thing she loves to do, invest in herself and maximize her time, then she asked how?
Here is How ;
How to achieve your goals

TAKE ONLINE COURSES - It is absolutely FREE! there are fantastic varieties of courses to take online, the timing is flexible, you can practice 2 hours a day, you can study courses related to your field or passion. Platforms such as and Future Learn are good places to learn online. I have taken courses in Social media mastery, Branding e.t.c with that I now offer Brand consultation services on The Lifestyle Brand Consult, thanks to theses courses.
Everything you need to know is online.

WRITE DOWN YOUR PLANS - Richard branson the CEO of Virgin Atlantic use to say If you don't write it down, your ideas will get lost. Write down your ideas and you will make them happen.Ever since I started using Planners, such as the cassiedaves blog planner and the Accelerate your dreams Power planner, I have been getting things right. The first step to getting things done, is to WRITE IT DOWN, you know that feeling that comes from stumbling on stuffs you have written and you are just overwhelmed at the passion you have. The Power planner is perfect for Creatives, It contains everything you need to plan and execute your daily, weekly and monthly goals. You can visit @accelerateyourdreams02 on Instagram to order yours.

SERVE AS AN INTERN - If you have a passion for something or a particular field of interest like sewing, catering, interior decoration e.t.c, then look for successful people in that field serve as an intern with them. I am very much interested in Broadcast Journalism, I have been going for trainings and mentorship programs, I am currently applying to serve as an intern in a media TV station. You are never too old to serve or learn!

NETWORK - Once in a while, attend events relevant to your field of interest, join a walk for a good course like health, even if you need to pay for it. It will be worth it in the end. meet people, discuss and learn, by so doing you are building your potential clients, advertisers and business partners.

COMMUNITY SOCIAL SERVICE - This is service to humanity, Try to identify with your community and help in any way you can. I like to teach skills in computer and hand crafts to children on holidays, I like visit the motherless homes with my friends, I have visited the prison once, I have also joined to plant trees to save the earth, I am looking forward to travel on a trip with a group of people. I derive so much joy and fulfillment from doing this.

READ BOOKS - Knowledge is power! Reading good books such as financial, business motivational and inspirational books, my attitude towards life is now better, my dreams and goals are now very clear, I speak and write in an articulate manner and I am still learning more from reading. What book are you currently reading?

what other tip do you have to share, what will you do differently this year, share with us in  the comment section.
Live . Life . Love . Laugh

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