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The Yobo's
Compliments of the season! Hope you are all having a nice time and anticipating the beginning of a wonderful year 2017! So two Christmas ago, my family tried to get a Christmas photoshoot done, after we have seen beautiful ones from the Yobos and the Kadarshians, my Mum is now turning "new School" we agreed as a family, got our outfits ready, chose our colors and contacted our photographer, it was a time to also have a full family portrait together as adults before more responsibilities like marriage, traveling out and growing up sets in. The day came, and we never went through with it. Reason; The timing was wrong! We had lots of visitors trooping in 😥 Dad chose 25th of December! Who does that? I couldn't object as the planner that I am, I had to work with the date, since he had his job and other responsibilities. I will one day share excerpts from our Family Christmas photoshoot gone wrong.
So with that I contacted families I love their christmas photoshoot and here are the Tips they shared with me on how to get a successful Family Christmas themed Photoshoot:
EARLY PLANNING: According to +Cheechee Live  planning early for her family Christmas themed photoshoot, helped a great deal, as it gave her time to get her pretty kids ready. Early planning involves informing family members, most importantly planning together gives everyone a sense of responsibility, making arrangements for outfits, props, colors, theme, contacting the photographer and chosing location for the shoot. The reason behind the early planning is to enable my family send out early Christmas greetings with the family pictures, says Chee Chee. Planning early is planning for the future!
The Abangs
PROPER TIMING: After my family Christmas themed photoshoot went wrong, due to wrong timing, I can rightfully say that choosing the right date and time is the most important tip. It is quite difficult to get everyone together at the same venue and at the same time, but start singing to every family member's hearing about the need for a family Photoshoot, at least 4months before Christmas. A weekend,  2 months before Christmas is advisable for the photoshoot, for many obvious reasons like the return of overseas family members, Christmas in the air to inspire the mood. Since its a family christmas photoshoot, you want to release it and send greetings on the 25th of December, it should be done earlier and not on that day! My Dad thought that 25th December will be perfect, since we all eat together at the table every Christmas with no one missing or work related excuses. We didnt think our guests will show up.
The Dakolo's
IMPROVISE : This too is important. You don't need to break the bank. A good photographer, Costumes, Framing and Editing the pictures can be quite pricey. So here is the trick, if you own a good DSLR camera, you can get a family friend to take photos of your family, they won't charge you for it. For costumes, everyone can work with a common colour which is a staple in every wardrobe, like the Okoye's in this picture. As for location, the family Christmas photos I love this year 2016 were taken at home! You can work with wall papers or look for a beautiful spot, decorate it and voilà you are good to go.
The Okoye's

With these tips, I look forward to seeing your lovely family Christmas photos in December 2017


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