Monday, 12 December 2016

Vegetables and Rice
So Is there ever a celebration or party without Rice? Christmas is in just a few weeks and the Staple grain for the celebration is RICE! Really who doesn't eat rice to celebrate Christmas? This is for my fit FAM and everyone trying to get the body goals right for 2017!
Have you heard of Veggie Rice. Lots of my fit FAM friends exempt Rice from their diet, claiming it is "carbs" and contains lots of calories.  from my research, Rice has over 40,000 species which are grouped into Whole Rice and White Rice. Good news is Rice doesn't contain cholesterol, it stabilizes blood sugar level, it is also a rich source of vitamin B1. Though it contains a very high amount of carbohydrate, this carbohydrate is a great source of energy and aids in normal functioning of the brain. Carbs can also cause blotting if taken in excess, so here is how Veggie Rice helps:
One of the healthiest ways to Eat Rice is with lots of uncooked, edible  vegetables! Examples of such veggies are Lettuce, Cucumber, carrots, cabbage, broccoli and more! It is crunchy and tastes sweet. Fresh Vegetables contains Antioxidants and Vitamins that are very essential to the body, cucumber reduces stomach blotting. Salad is an excellent source of edible vegetables (vegetables you can eat without cooking).
Salad from @foodguidelines on Instagram
Let the portion of the rice be inversely proportional to the veggies on your plate! That is to say let the vegetables be more than the rice!  Or equal to the rice if you are a rice lover.
Make Sure to wash the raw rice before cooking, parboil it for about 15mins, sieve the water, then add clean water and allow to cook. This is to help take out excess carbohydrates.
If you do not like veggies, then you can try the stir fry protein rice, I learnt this from @naijagirlnextdoor this means less frying, you get to lightly fry all your ingredients and cooked rice with a rich source of protein ranging from sea foods like fish, kalimari, crabs, oyster, and the likes in equal proportion with your rice, with this if you enjoy sea foods, you will serve it with less rice to accommodate more sea foods.
Stir fry Protein Rice by @naijagirlnextdoor
 And for the times I will get to attend weddings and all the house warming, I sure can't dictate to them what to serve, but I definitely know that Rice will be on the menu, when I eat rice with out my veggies, I will take purgatives like Garden eggs, then jog the next morning just to feel good with myself and retain my abs. So If you must eat rice in large quantity during this festive season, pls do lots of Jogging or cardio workout! Any other healthy creative ways to eat rice? Kindly share with us in the comment section.

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  1. I always gain like 10 pounds immediately after the 25th cos its like the ultimate cheat day for me.
    God help me!
    I like the idea of the protein rice (not a huge fan of veggies). That might be my go-to option.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hahahahaha! Sure porsh, I can relate to the extra pounds and cheat day thing, but we must stay healthy.

  2. Hmmm, Will surely try dis. Tanks for sharing. I enjoy Ur blog

    1. Thanks Ade for stopping by. Have a merry Christmas.