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Fall looks and the fashion trend is here, the recession is real and I know we will like to look fashionable but not break the bank. This post is a DIY post to save the day! I will be showing us how to make 3 different neck chokers with just one choker.

The Choker trend is one that made a huge come back this year and it isn't going anywhere soon! From the ribbon chokers, to the fabric chokers, then the rope chokers, denim chockers, bead chokers and scarfs turned choker! All are trending. Here is what you need: 
. Scissors
. Needle
. Thread
. Button
. Chain
. Cloth Ribbon
. Pendant
. Plaster
. Measuring tape.
All the items listed and pictured above can be gotten from a tailoring store, I got mine from the fabric line at tejuosho market in Yaba Lagos Nigeria.

For the First Choker -
. Take a measurement of your neck
. Using the measurement, cut out the Cloth ribbon.
. Cut out a small piece of the plaster ( the plaster isn't the ones used in hospitals, but the ones found on bags or sneakers or wedding gowns, it is simply put, used as a closure)
. Sew the plaster on both ends of the cloth ribbon, sew it in reverse order (one on top , the order below, this is to enable you close both ends. N.B - you can sew on with a sewing machine or needle and thread.
. And the first choker is ready!

For the Second Choker -
. Using the First choker, make a hole with your pendant on the choker ( cloth ribbon turned choker) and let your pendant hang on there! The Second choker is ready

For the third chocker -
. Still using the First DIY Choker, with a needle and thread, sew on the button and chain as seen in this picture on the choker, make sure to use a smaller and thinner needle. The 3rd choker is ready

For a full and comprehensive video on how I made the 3 choker in 1minute, kindly follow me and check it out on my Instagram handle : @divauju
Which chocker is your fave? Will you try them out? If you do, kindly tag me or mail me on
NB: If you can't find the plaster, just tie the Cloth Ribbon making a bow round your neck.


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