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I always get questions from people asking me about brands or products that I use and if they work for me, especially Natural, Haircare, Beauty, Skincare, Fashion and Health care products. Every month, I will review 5 of such products. This review is a special one, because I had such a nice and wonderful experience getting most of the products online from an ecommerce site - VeeStore. My experience at VeeStore is one that I will keep singing and gushing about. I didnt have time to order online, so with a text message and via Instagram (benefits of social media marketing) I sent my order and the customer service at Vee Store, took it up from there, I was asked for my email, my mobile number and address, the order was placed for me, I transferred the money and within a working day, Jand2Gidi delivered my products from vee store, they followed up with calls and text messages, wow! I am speechless, I felt like a king.

Here are the products that worked for me in September till now -

1. Black Rose Luxury Black soap- This is one of my purchase from Vee store online, I found out the benefits of black soap years after I quarrelled with my late grandma for forcing me to bath with black soap, as a child. The black soap comes in a liquid form, in a cute black bottle with black and mustard ribbon around the cap of the bottle, the content of the bottle is the black soap which smells so natural like kernel, it leather's well and asides using it to bath, I also use it for my facial routine. I call it my Natural Liquid Black Soap. With the current buzz around the benefits of black soap, it makes my skin silky and smooth. Though I noticed it scratches, when I leave it on my skin for long, but my skin is sensitive o

2. Fig Health Store Coconut oil- I also got this Fig Coconut oil online from VeeStore, coconut oil is every home's essential oil, I use it for my natural hair, sometimes on my skin and I once used the Fig coconut virgin oil to fry yam, the yam turned out nice, it was light and didn't retain oil like some vegetable oil. What I am not so sure of is why the Fig coconut oil wasn't a bit thick as the one I once got from an old lady who makes it locally at Lawanson market, but it smells so nice and natural like coconut, I spend so much time inhaling it. Good news, 500ml sells for 1,500naira in Nigeria's currency.

3. Zaron Lipstick Pen - This one was given to me after I anchored the 5th Edition of the Lagos Make up fair, I love this lipstick pen by Zaron Cosmetics, because it servers as a lipstick and a lip liner and yes for the love of nude, it gives me a chic and natural look, it is thick to the feel, but subtle on the lip, it is also easy to carry around, just apply effortlessly. This two in one new innovation is nice( Lipstick and lip liner) .

4. Sensodyne Tooth Paste - Dental Care is one that I take so serious as I have a funny dentition. So Last month I attended the Kebth Dali medical expo and Sensodyne was one of the vendors, they spoke about dental Care and at their stand, they carried out tooth sensitivity test, I went for it and I got a free Sensodyne daily care tooth paste, I tried it out and I like the feel and mint taste, so I purchased another one and started using. I still feel shock on my teeth when I gaggle cold water, but it isn't as harsh as before I started using Sensodyne. I believe using it over a long period of time will cure that! They also have the Sensodyne teeth whitener, I will also try it out and do a review.

5. Sun shade - This is my fashion fetish! I can never be caught stepping out of the house without one in my bag. This one isn't designers, but I love it silky se it looks like one, I like the way I see the environment, it feels like one of these photo filters, it fits my face, gives me a chic look and the fact that I bought it for just 1,200 naira in Nigeria currency leaves me speechlessly happy! If there is a phrase like that.

Have you had any blissful or bad online / offline customer service experience? Have you tried any of the products above? Kindly share in the comment section.

Customer Service is Key! Invest in it as much as you will in your Products 


  1. Loveeee that Zaron lipstick pen! It's one of my favourite products at the moment. Love it!

  2. Thanks for stoping by An Afrikan Butterfly! The Zaron lipstick pen comes in different colours too


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