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The Blogger blog interface is my favourite, it is flexible, it is easy to use, its Graphic user interface and design template is self explanatory and user friendly, you somehow need little or no graphic skills to set up a blogger blog. Even though it is easy to link your domain name to your blogger blog, Ever wondered why I haven't even gotten a domain name for this blog! I feel comfortable with this.

I chatted with a friend of mine who resides outside the country, she said she likes my blog and will need help to start one. I asked her why do you want to start a blog, she said "I like to write, I want to teach and I want help people with my articles and intellect" . In one of my blog mentor's webinar, she said a blog needs to have 3 things - It has to be Useful, Interesting and Entertaining - Mattie of
Being a content creator takes alot, Passion, Consistency and good Content of cause, but Here are the essentials you need if you want to start a blogger blog : You need a

  • Gmail account, If you are a blogger user.I use blogger, because it is user friendly:  Sign up for a mail account, as blogger is linked to google. Once you get a gmail acount, log on to and take it up from there by filling the necessary informations. For technical issues like graphics and design, you can contact an expert!
  • Active Social media handles : What is the essence of a blog post if you ain't sharing it? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms is useful and essential for the growth of any blog and for the purpose of that blog to be established. You need to share, be it Ideas, Knowledge in form of DIY, Food, Lifestyle, Fashion, Sports, Business or a Relationship blog, someone out there needs to be informed, information is power. Socials are good ways of disseminating information, as I share mine via my Instagram: @divauju and on twitter as @ujuunwa
  •  You need a DSLR camera : What is good content without good visuals? Visuals is also content! A camera can be expensive to get, but it is good investment. A good picture tells a million stories and sell an article. A good smartphone can help, as I use my Nokia Lumia 1520 to make short videos and take pictures, but theses days I leverage, by getting a photographer to take my pictures for little token or borrow a friend's camera, till I buy mine.

  • You need a Laptop and Internet connection : This may sound ridiculous, but when I started blogging, I sometimes use my smart phone or go to the cyber cafe, when there is power issues and I cant power my Laptop or when I don't have money for internet connection.. Thank God my blog has started paying, I have a 9 - 5 and I can pay for internet connection.

Remember, Consistency and great Content is key ! Do not forget to do good research, tell your own story and connect with other bloggers if you want to get seen or heard! 
For further help, Questions and Information please feel free to contact me via mail on


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