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Sao Cafe is a very nice and artistic hang out spot in the heartland of Lekki Lagos Nigeria, and that was the venue for the debut edition of #TheGirlJourney which took place over the weekend on the 23rd of April 2016. I was so excited to get an invite by Sandra of 
 My Customized tag / The Girl journey event essential!

I was an hour late for the event, not because of African time, hell no! at least I was supposed
to take part in a shoot with my favourite bloggers, but the car I was coming in, broke down *sad* It was a room filled with young, intelligent, creative ladies, bloggers and artists. The facilitators, sponsors and all who contributed and shared their experiences were so amazing. 
The Girl Journey is an NGO, that works on helping younger girls to build a healthy self image, and part of that is Beauty - Loving your hair, your skin and embracing your flaws. For their debut edition, they came up with an initiative called #ProjectLovingYou which is targeted at women within the age bracket of 18 - 30 years.
Myself on the go to Sao Cafe
I and Sandra of Naija Girl Next door with our makeup free faces.
This is my fave picture from the event #FORMATION

 The Event was Anchored by Jenny and the facilitators included Eunice, Chinyere, Oluchi and Donald, yes it was a room filled with ladies but we had some insightful guys around. They had just concluded the photo session when I came in, but I was just in time for the event proper. Prior to the event, we were asked to come to the venue bare! that is to say without any form of makeup on, anonymously write things we loved and hated about ourselves, then drop it at the entrance.They bared it all, shared real life and insightful stories about their lives. Due to time and space, I can't tell you  all that happened at that event, but pictures, IG handles, websites and the Quotes from the event will be listed here for you to learn, sign up with the initiative and most importantly BE A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF WHILST LOVING YOURSELF! 

One of my best moments! item 7. Unapologetic foodie like me


  • Every real diamond have flaws- by Chinyere one of the facilitators ; If you want to Identify a real diamond, look for the flawed one!
  • Spending time with your God will make you understand his purpose for your life - Oluchi
  • Do not let the Pressure of the society, make us compromise on our Values - Eunice
  • How much of the pretty is your truth? - Uju that is (moi)
  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to be better versions of ourselves, we have to accept our flaws but work towards being better - Ekene of the Kink and I  
  • Society sometimes doesn't put pressure on people, people are just pressured by their thoughts and themselves.
Clay performing to Oagdisinma

Pearl performing. 

Some pictures I fell in love with at the cafe. I am an Art Lover!

It was a round table thin, which made us connect to each other. We were thrilled to wonderful renditions by PEARL, second runner up at the 2016 Project Fame West Africa, she sang Beyonce's pretty hurts, TLC's - Unpretty, Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. Oh mine! her rendition of that song gave most of us goose bumps, she is super amazing and talented. 
Then we had Donald, the Big Brother in our midst give us amazing facts and some real relationship talk, especially the Tell Tale Signs a guy doesn't want to be with you.which got everyone excited and talking. I wish the whole session  was recorded. Here are few facts I was able to get from donald.

  • Women live longer than Men, because their Immune system are Stronger.
  • If you continue to objectify women, we may lose seeing her true beauty.
  • Standard of beauty can sometimes be set by the perception of the opposite sex.
Ama queen with her crow on! That's my real face with no makeup! No filter! judge me all you want, I love me. If you love my Tiara, just sent me an email on you just might have it

People finally shared their personal experiences, we tackled so many issues from the anonymous things we loved and liked about ourselves, Jenny was so real, helpful and carried us through the exercise of learning to accept our flaws. We were then thrilled to a powerful Rock rendition by Clay - ogadisinma, we had  Buffet, freebies The event finally came to a close with pictures, networking and more fun.

Event Details

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