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I have been working and planning towards a Graphics Tee line, so when I heard about the #FashionBusinessSeries , I was excited to attend. The Fashion Business Series Organized by Style house file and Heineken Lagos Fashion and design week ,took place last week friday the 16th of April 2016, at the Metropolitan Club VI Lagos, Nigeria. I and Ezinne a fashion blogger,both went together and we almost missed out on the first session because we were looking for parking space *wipe sweat* the venue was filled with lots of Fashion enthusiast, bloggers, media people and almost everyone that matters in the fashion industry in Nigeria. 
Me at the event
The First session was thrilling and had the likes of Simeon Capriani CEO of ethical fashion initiative, Omoyemi Akerele founder style house files and Abrima Erwiah of Studio ninety nine, they talked about Manufacturing and Exporting Fashion to the world, it was so insightful with lots of quotes and helpful tips from the panel.

The Second Session was so exciting and interactive as member of the panel which includes Isoken of Zazaii, Lola Emeruwa, David Wej, Nnani Ochije and Kachi Editor of Fashion Business Africa. They. talked about "Retail, Etail, Maximizing Opportunities and Reducing Risk in the Fashion Industry" they Indulged in a subtle yet enlightening argument that lead to this post title "Mass Production VS Luxury" My Friend Ezinne who sat beside me gave a punch line saying "Aba is a gold mine" Incase you do not know, Aba is in Abia State, Nigeria, it is a commercial city where anything related to fashion / Production can be replicated and produced in mass! Have you ever heard of Aba made, then you need to visit Nigeria, they have the manpower, some tools and skills, but need intense capital and machineries to truly turn that place into a gold mine. 
It was an argument of Mass Production Versus Luxury! Due to time constraint, I will summarize the argument and please fill me in on your thoughts.

  • We all like to feel special and we want Special / Exclusive products for a certain class of people who can afford it, how will you feel if you see 100 more people wear the same outfit as you?
  • There is a market for Luxury, The big spenders are looking for Unique hard to find products and Exclusivity! 
  • Quality, Authenticity and Durability is guaranteed! You get Value for your money. 
Argued the Luxury lovers!
  • This is Nigeria and in Africa, we are about Affordability, 70% of Nigerians can't afford luxury
  • If it Fits well, and it is affordable, the masses will want it, they will buy it and they will wear it
  • There is huge profit at the bottom of the pyramid and that is where the masses are.
Argued the Mass Production supporters.
I and Ezinne.

My Friend Ezinne thinks there should be an Affordable edition of Luxury brands for the masses, that is to say, some big beauty and fashion brands abroad have affordable versions of their brands, this is because they want to be a household name, as much as there is market for their luxurious brands, they understand the marketing strategy of reaching out to the masses. It will help reduce imitation of their brands, in the sense that if some of their products are affordable, I can boast of having it, then why get an imitation? That is Marketing, Brand and Quality control Strategy.

I like Luxury, If a product is pricey within the range of my pocket, I will go for it, if it fits well, as I like Special and Exclusive. But if it is mass produced and I like it because it fits, trust me to style it in an Exclusive way that you won't remember it is mass production. Lol!

What are your thoughts? Which do you prefer? Luxury or Mass production?
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  1. That bit about luxury brands putting out affordable lines is right on the money. When I was bent on being a designer that was my plan.
    You guys look radiant.

    1. Luxury or mass production,for me, it has to fit. Thanks girl!

  2. When it comes to luxury pieces, I just feel that its way beyond my budget as a student so it would be good to come across affordable ones. But I believe they are good investments.

    1. Well said Steph! This is some real piece. Thanks!


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