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Happy New Month all! May we March forward to greatness in this month of March. So over last week and the weekend, lots of events took place, from the #SMWLagos2016 at the Landmark center Lagos, to the #LLAM 3 concert at Eko Hotel and suite in Lagos, then over to international events like the Oscars, Brits Awards and so on. I was opportuned to attend some of the Event at the 2016  Lagos Social Media Week, where I really saw the need to network.
L-R Dee Mako, Uju Lilian Ikegbune & Ezinne at the Social media week in Lagos.

I have organized and attended lots of events, so I am certified to say that Networking is essential.
Networking at an event is an act of Creating a group of acquaintances or associates and keeping it active through regular communication for mutual benefits, in most cases, for Business purposes. Have you been in that situation at an event where you really need to talk to someone or get their contact, but you don't want it to look like you are famzing! Or that situation where you attend an event without a buddy and you are all alone by yourself? Here are TIPS to network at an event:

KNOW WHO IS ON THE GUEST LIST: This isn't for the reason to stalk anybody, It is for the reason to know who your potential business contacts will be and in what decent way to approach them.

DRESS WELL : This is key! you are addressed the way you dress, If you want to be taken seriously, you have to appear decent and smart. You need not be a fashionista, but basic things like the right colours, fittings and personal hygiene should be taken into cognisance.

BE INFORMED: You need to be well read and know more about the event you are attending, know more about the industry of the event you are attending. The reason is, so when you walk up to someone to start a conversation, you don't look dumbfounded or start off in an awkward way, so that you know the kind of people to expect at the event.

BRING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE: This is the most important part for me, You have to be worth knowing, no one wants to meet an idle or jobless person at an event, else the reason for networking will be defeated, what you do for a living is very necessary. Once at an event, I politely asked for the mail address of one of the guests and she bluntly said "No, I don't want  you guys spamming me" Some minutes later, when she realized who I was and my role where I currently work, she shamelessly came to give me her contact, but hey, guess what I did, I refused! So here is how to bring something to the table, or what I should have done>>> Great, compliment, Introduce myself and what I do. It is necessary to own a business card, if your company doesn't give you one, get one for you! Printivo does for an affordable rate.

COMPLIMENT PEOPLE: Hi, what a nice hair you have. Hello, your outfit is lovely! Hi, it was you I saw on the cover of the magazine, you look gorgeous. Hello, well done I love your product, that is what I use for my hair! Theses are genuine compliments, people want to feel good with themselves, stroke their ego, get what you want and voila it's a new contact or business deal coming your way. Do not forget to smile when you compliment people.

Here are things you shouldn't do, when networking at an event: Do not toss your card to people except they ask for it.

Do not walk up to people when they are eating, they cant talk with food in their mouth, it is best to walk up to someone when they are sipping a drink.

Do not burst into the discussion of a group of people or friends at the event who aren't asking your opinion, it is rude.

If you came for the event alone, and you are an introvert, then do not ignore the person sitting close to you, he or she is a potential buddie for the day!

share with us any other helpful tips in the comment session.

QUOTE: "Your Network Determines your Networth"  


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