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Hi people, With so much buzz and significance attached to Valentine, Everyday is a day to show Love, but truth be told, Valentine is a special day for many people, so let's indulge. Most people are already complaining of  increase in dollar rate, hike in prices of products, so they will rather stay for 3 Church services, fellowship as This year's 2016 Valentine falls on a Sunday and too many other funny excuses on social media, so that they can avoid the day, It's not a season to Break the Bank, but a Season to Show Love. To get creative and make that day a memorable one, here are stuffs you can do:

HOME SERVICE: This is one of my interesting ways to celebrate the day, Just wear an apron over  your sexy Lingerie (man/woman), cook your Bae's favorite meal, eat together, listen and dance to a compilation of both your favorite music, watch pictures of you both from way back, renew your vows and play a fun game (Like that in the movie, Love and Basketball) all at home.

SELF LOVE: This is for the Single or for those in Long distance relationship. Its time for Netflix and Chill people! Sit at home, eat your favorite meal, watch lots of movies, read novels, magazines and go on a travel tour to the world of INSTAGRAM, incase you dont know, social media is another world on its own, so travel! You can take yourself out to a single's party happening around you, who knows the right person may just be there. Better still, invite some of your single and less busy friends over take yourselves to the Spa, get a massage, get a manicure & pedicure, pay for a full face makeup and have a photoshoot. Loving yourself is the first step to loving others.

THE FAMILY COOK OUT: Show love to your Kids, Parents, Siblings and Spouse. You can take the whole family out to a fun place, reminisce on growing up, let everyone tell themselves how much they love and appreciate each other and have some snacks. A family that stays together, grows together

THE HANGOUT: One of my favourite part of the day, Take your spouse out to a fun spot, book a hotel, serenade your spouse at a night band, you can do karaoke together or go Skiing, just do one fun or adventurous thing together

VOLUNTARY SERVICE: Showing love to the less privileged around you is one sure way to stay blessed and be a blessing to people, you can visit hospital wards, old people's home, motherless babies, Share some provisions, beverages and spend quality time with them

VALENTINE POST: This is for us bloggers, while the whole razzmatazz is going on, just attend events, take captions and make videos for next day post.

So people, which option will you rather go for? Which ever one you will go for
Share love just like Coca cola, but dont Break the Bank.


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