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Did you know or Can you remember that February is the only Unique month of the year? Happy New month people! Yay! It's my Birth month, and I am super excited, I feel so blessed, the Blog is going through lots of background processing and Rebranding, the year is playing out so good and all positive, My mentors are the best and I am having the right Kinds of connection.

I know this segment on my Blog just took a long walk, but it is back and it will be given another name, after my re-branding .So when this Pepsi long throat bottle advert came, I just said to myself, another strategy, how I love to be a brand consultant, you just see your ideas being implemented. This just went  a long way to show how the process of Branding is key to every business owner, no matter how successful that business is, you have to keep restructuring to suit the particular economic and socio situation. As it is my Birth month, this are the things are long throat for

NIKON D3300 DSLR CAMERA - I love food and art photography, can you believe that I have been taking blog pictures with my Nokia 1520, the megapixel is good about 20MP,it has good camera qualities, but hey! there is lots of difference when you shoot with an actual camera and  lense .Call me stale, but I am in dying need of this camera, I know there are the 7200, 7D and other newer badass Cameras, but I will start with this, wont be a bad idea if I get a NIKON D5 *Lol! I like the Nikon Brand, because I have had a photography class at their Ikeja Lagos Nigeria branch, they are always ready to help out their customers at no cost, I can always get me greater lenses.

BOOT LEGS- We Nigerians are about the most fashionable people in the world, no arguments, but in this part of the world, we are yet to embrace some winter style, You just can't wear some stylish Boots or Cardigan when its not cold, That is why I have actually been so sceptical to get one, If I get one, I will give it a great review, trust me. The Ankle Boots and Gladiator high knee Boots are my Favs.

THE GIRL ENTREPRENEUR BOOK - If there is one lady I admire most after my Mum, It will be Dr. Mrs Ibukun Awosika, the first female chairperson of First Bank Of Nigeria. On my Journey to becoming an entrepreneur, I attended her AGDC program, I have been in her audience, I have listened to her speak, she has mentored a group of young girls I happen to be among, Now her book "The Girl Entrepreneur" is out and I have checked 2 big book shops in Lagos and can't find it there. I hope it is not limited in copies, I need this book, if you can help me with how to get this book, I will be very grateful and also give you a mention. If you want to be inspired, then you need to read this book.

A PAIR OF NIKE JOGGING CANVAS - I have a PUMA sneakers, thank you boo for getting me that, I have had it for 4 years and it still looks good (original), Now I want some jogging canvas and I have seen lovely pictures of Nike, I will like to see if the quality and technology that was used in the PUMA I own is in NIKE *winks* especially now that I have taken my Fitness level to a height of seriousness.
ELIZABETH ARDEN PERFUME - This perfume is awesome, its one of my favourite and I have been using it for 4 years now. Its feminine, subtle and long lasting. thanks to Bae. I wont mind getting the various flavours, I have actually used the four in this picture.


Just make a wish, you don't know which angel is passing by and what star will deliver you wish and make it come true! - Unknown


  1. A good camera is a great investment indeed. Warm greetings!

    1. A real investment o, warm greetings to you too

  2. Happy birthday in advance. I hope you get all your long throat list wishes.

  3. Angel ba? Okay let me say mine. I need a prof camera too

    1. You shall get it Buiti, an angel in human form will get it to you


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