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So if you wake at 4am, leave home for work at 6am, Sit in front of the laptop for 10 hours then get home at 10pm GMT everyday, then you have got to come out for this. I hope keeping fit is on your list, because it has so been on my list for a very long time, Infact On my Everyday must do list, fitness is number #3 after Praying and fixing breakfast.
I have had many of my friends ask me how I manage to look good and keep fit, as they complain and make excuses for being a 9am – 5pm (working class / white collar job). Hello, I run a business do a 9am – whatever pm job and I still keep fit. All you need is discipline! Here are Simple ways I stay healthy and keep fit at the office. Even if these tips won’t give you 6 packs, I promise it will help you burn some calories and put your heart rate to check.

1.  NONE SWEATY EXERCISE AT WORK – While you sit at your table, you can do simple exercise like Squeezing and Releasing the butt for 10 -15 minutes at intervals, it helps tone the Glutes (muscle in the butts)
10 reps of Desk Squatting with your office table or wall, while standing with feet together, bend the knees slightly so the thighs are almost parallel to the ground, as if sitting in a chair. As you bend, raise the arms straight up or towards the computer screen. Keep the knees together and aligned. Hold for 10 seconds and release, then repeat.
The Leg Raiser Exercise, can be done while seated, straighten one or both legs and hold in place for five or more seconds. Then lower the leg(s) back to the ground without letting the feet touch the floor. Repeat (alternating legs if raising them separately) for 15 reps. Do the Stretch, stretch your arm over your head, bending to the opposite side, to reach the other side(left or right) depending on the arm you started with. 

2. WALK AND USE THE STAIRCASE OFTEN – I love to use the staircase often at the office, especially in the Lunges exercise style, since I heard that sitting for a long period of time, causes one to have a flat ass *covers face* I love my Bum big *winks* When you sit for very long, you tend to have side folds on your stomach, walking and avoiding the lift is another way to exercise and check your heart rate.

3. SWAP SODA FOR WATER – As we work, we tend to use up more energy, which is glucose stored in our body and to replenish it, we tend to have cravings for sugary or sweet things. The easiest way out is add a little sweetener like glucose or ribena or lemon or pineapple, water is a lot healthier.

4. SWAP JUNK FOR FRUITS – Fast food like biscuits, sausage rolls, doughnut etc are always handy at work, but a plate of different fruits like diced apples, pawpaw, pineapple, watermelon etc also cost the same price as all these fast foods. I rather chew a gum than eat junk, it is tempting, but hey, I love the compliments I get on my body, my good body gives me all the confidence *bragging rights* If you must chew or Snack, get a gum or fruits or biscuit rich in fiber.

5. WEEKEND ROUTINE - Make use of your Saturdays and Sundays to visit the Gym or Workout at home.

Me in the work out mood!


  1. Lmao @i love my bumbum. Nice to see that you work out!very helpful tips. Thanks

  2. Lmao @i love my bumbum. Nice to see that you work out!very helpful tips. Thanks

  3. This is encouraging dear


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