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Hi people! I am doing this post because I have been accused of not sharing my skincare products or routine, so I have decided to share with you all few essential products that worked for me this month January 2016 as I journey to rebranding.

MODERN MUSE PERFUME - By Estee Lauder, this perfume is everything nice! Thanks to my Uncle who gifted me with this from his travel 3months ago, I just used the last trickle yesterday, the aroma of Modern muse perfume is subtle, yet last long, it can last a whole week on you. I have been getting compliments and sharing hugs every time I wear this perfume, I went to Fresh Aroma perfume store in Lagos to see if I can get another bottle for myself, but it is so pricey *sobs*

PEARS BABY LOTION - By Unilever, now I need to clear your doubts, YES! I still use pears baby lotion, I know it has no sunscreen or active ingredients, but it is pure, mild, contains Olive oil and Natural Ingredients that makes my skin feel fresh and smooth.I know you are wondering if it works for my adult skin. Truth is, I am yet to see a skincare product that will give me the glow I have now without spoiling my complexion, I also have an exfoliating night routine, I eat lots of Vegetable, fruits and drink lots of water, so I am covered.

DOVE DEODORANT- I love this body spray because it doesn't leave white residue on my armpit, it smells great, it makes me feel very fresh 24 hours long and controls the armpit sweat. 

COCONUT OIL - If you must know, I buy this from a lady who makes it naturally, she calls me whenever she is making it raw, no additives, so no label on this, just her contact details, she manufactures it locally for retailers, I get this small cup for 500 naira. I use it for my hair and body. Everyone should own one essential oil.

S.STUDIO SCRUB AWAY MY TROUBLES - This Exfoliating Facial Scrub, contains Mineral peel with dead sea minerals, salt granuels and active ingredients, it is so good to the point that at one face scrub, you will feel your face shine so bright and fresh. you can order for yours on

CASHMERE GLOW - It serves as a hand cream for me, originally made as a make do body lotion, I like to just throw it into my bag and take it to work, it contains Shea and Vitamin E, smells so great too and leaves my palms very soft to the touch.

ORS SHAMPOO AND HAIR MILK - Organic Stimulator and Roots hair care products, is a household name, they have products specially formulated for every hair type to meet every haircare need. They are the best hair care product available world wide, you can check them out on This particular ORS CURLS UNLEASHED product is made for the natural hair divas, as a naturalista, I got this product delivered to me from the UK from giveaway. This new product will get my special review in another post, it is just so amazing how the hair responds to good natural hair care product, you will see my hair and more about this product, just keep watching this space.

So people, share with me, which product do you want me to review, what is in your product haul? Which will you want me to try out? The month of February is close by, lets slay. 


  1. I just started using coconut oil and its everything!
    But why is is so pricey?

    1. Poshy! The production process of extraction is difficult and you just get little oil from just few coconuts, so you need lots of coconuts to get more oil, that it is why it is expensive. Coconut planting and selling could be a viable business you know. lol!

  2. Funny enough, I use Olive Oil. Started using it in 2014 as a make-do body oil and I have so fallen in love with it. I just switched from lotion to moisturizer and I'm quite impressed with the outcome.
    I don't have a facial scrub. I'm still quite lazy about facials.

  3. Funny enough, I use Olive Oil. Started using it in 2014 as a make-do body oil and I have so fallen in love with it. I just switched from lotion to moisturizer and I'm quite impressed with the outcome.
    I don't have a facial scrub. I'm still quite lazy about facials.


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