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This past weekend have just been so eventful as end of the year activities are lined up. So I got this ticket not just anyone o, a VIP ticket to #ANightAtTheKazbah thanks to the good people at Smooth FM 98.1 (Popular Lagos Radio Station).
The performing Artists
My Beautiful face beat for the night
#ANightAtTheKazbah is channeled to bring us close to Contemporary African music, through LIVE stage performance from real raw talents in Africa. I am so particular about this event, because it is an avenue to bring to the consciousness of the people the Beauty and Soul of Africa through music, as the main aim of my blog is to showcase the beauty of  Africa to the world. I am so much of a PAN AFRICANIST. This event took place at Federal Palace Hotel in Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria, on the 12th of December 2015 and it had media partners.

Dignitaries and Guest were treated to a Buffet service of lovely finger foods and Wine, we were then ushered into the main hall where the event took place, the Smooth Operators as they call themselves at SMOOTH FM(Radio presenters) were on standby to anchor the event. Four artist were on lineup of performance, First Act was RUBY GYANG - Oh! mine the chocolate city goddess have such soulful voice, passion and energy, she ignited the stage with lovely songs that I couldn't even pick out my fave and her testimony of "Starting from the bottom" was so encouraging.

Second Act was the Arambe Crooner- BRYMO I so anticipated his performance because I always wondered how someone can have such Unique voice. Then he came on stage to start singing About Something that doesn't have shoulder to rest head * Please don't ask me what it is*. I videoed every part of his performance. I love Brymo!
Next Up was the South African based Nigerian artist - KUNLE AYO, his is damn too good with the guitar! he can play a whole track with just instrumentals, his band is awesome,he reminded me of tales by moonlight, especially the story of the tortise with the "Fere ku fe" tune.
Then Came BEZ IDAKULA the cap man, I just couldn't watch that performance because I still stay under the same roof with my parents (Gist good for a Monday Random / Rant post).
Thanks to Organizers (SMOOTH FM), Sponsors (GTBank) and media partners. The event was well organized its a 10/10 for me, I can Pay huge for such event.


It was such a soulful and cultural experience for me, I was Starstrucked when I saw Asa and Cobahms.
If only I get to take full length pictures of myself, Only I, know how I want to appear in pictures, all this friends tho and to think that I give them VERY good shots when they ask *angry face* at not so clear pictures and wasting my pose!
I videoed most of the performances, but with low light

The Smooth operators with the Performing artist in a creative, fun photoshoot.
My VIP ticket


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