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Hi people! I decided to take my hair game serious a year ago, so as to help me minimise breakage and retain length.Ever since then, I have had lots of questions and comments on how I started out with my Natural hair, truth is that My Natural hair amazes even me and people who use to know what my relaxed hair looked like before I started with the #TeamNaturalHair journey. I love the texture of my now natural hair, the different things I can do with my hair and how healthy my hair is now.
I am not a natural hair blogger, but I like to share useful tips, so here is how I got Started:

  • I trimmed out the relaxed part of my hair. Funny enough, before I started out natural, I relax my hair just once a month because my hair is extremely soft, like I didn't out grow my baby hair. Some like to take the bold step by going for the big chop, some just transition by allowing the fierce battle between the relaxed and natural hair till the relaxed hair finally goes off (this battle is real, it takes patience and understanding). 
  • Spray water bottle: Water is a free gift of nature to mankind, it is very essential for any Naturalista and everyone in general, it keeps the hair soft, it gives the hair the right moisture, it enhances hair growth, it prevents hair breakage, it helps to detangle hair and lots more.
  • Shea butter: Shea butter is a rich source of Vitamins and fats that is very good for the hair.
  • Leave in conditioner: Leave in conditioner helps to sustain hair till the next wash day, it helps to detangle hair, it helps to replenish dry hair, it tames frizz and prevent split ends.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil or any Essential oil which helps to prevent hair loss, hair damage, it helps in easy hair styling and provides natural vitamins for the hair. I just add few drops of the oil into the water in my spray water bottle, then spray on my hair, i also apply generously on my hair .
  • Bobby pins: Very essential in styling and packing the natural hair as desired.
  • Thread: Threading my hair helps me stretch my natural hair without combing it, because excessive combing leads to breakage.
  • Satin scarf: Silk scarf helps to protect hair style, helps to retain moisture because cotton pillow case drains moisture,prevent breakage and protects the edges.
These are some of the products I started out with, but as time went by, I started understanding my hair, and inculcating some other products and Regime for my hair, I will share that with you in another post.

  • Have a hair wash regimen / routine
  • Practice protective Styling such as braids, bantu knots, fixing extensions with closures e.t.c
  • LOC, seal and provide hair with moisture
  • Find out what works for you and practice it.
  • Find Out the content of your hair care product
  • Don't use rubber band on your hair, it causes breakage.
  • Avoid excessive combing, it causes breakage.
  • Avoid harmful / too much chemicals.
  • Do not follow or practice everything on all the natural hair blogs, find the ones you can relate with. Note that Natural hair comes in different types like the type 2, 3, 4 and in C's . Am yet to find out mine *covers face*
Viola! You are good to go! do note that in all, moisture is very important for your natural hair.I get tips on and there is a great trichologist on try out these blogs, they are Nigerian and you can relate.


  1. Still trying to wrap my head around the idea of going natural.
    I will love to. I'm just sceptical.

    1. Natural is safe and healthy. The idea is for us African women to see our hair as beautiful and embrace the versatility in our existence. Nana dear you will love it


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