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Many people ride across the cities to work or on a trip with empty car seats, while teeming passengers struggle to enter rickety commercial vehicles that is barely enough.
In the same vein, many people pick up strangers while riding to work or making a trip along the way, and many strangers hang along these highways or major bus stops and get a ride from strange car owners. The implication is that per chance something goes wrong, there is no means of tracing whom they shared a ride with.

Hence, TeasenDrive was borne out of the passion to create a safer riding experience for both car owners who wish to share their empty seats, and passengers.
  • Are you tired of driving yourself to work or for a trip and being in endless traffic? Or waiting at the bus stop endlessly? 
  • Do you wish to share your fuel cost? 
  • Are you scared of riding with random passengers?
  • Or not sure if you will get a passenger going your direction on the way? 
  • Wishing to have a more private and fun experience? 
  • Looking for a more secured way to ride? 
The solution is right here! Then log on to the foremost and most secured ride sharing service in Nigeria for free
Tease N Drive Concept Limited, was incorporated in Nigeria in June 2015 to offer ridesharing services in Nigeria.
Since its launch, it has recorded phenomenal growth with lots of members.

Security! Security!! Security!!!
This has been on the lips of everyone. How does TeasenDrive ensure the security of members?

To build trust and security, TeasenDrive provides verification system for both drivers and passengers which includes email, phone, valid ID, Driver's license, Plate number. There is also a rating system for users to rate others based on their experience after each ride. We also have an iMonitor, a GPS tracking system that shows the location one is logging on from at every point in time on our platform.

There is also a platform on our website called iTraffic. It is an interactive user forum where members can share what is going on around them; traffic report, security report, or any newsworthy item for the benefit of other members.

How it works:
Register on website, with your email. Go to your email and click on the link sent to verify your email.
Click on the verification icon, input your phone number and a code is sent to your phone which must be inputted into the platform to get phone verified.
Upload your valid ID.
For the driver, in addition, upload your valid license.
All these are securely stored, viewers only see that these are verified but not your details.

Car Owners:
Post a ride, input all the requirements and submit.
Teasendrive Admin check through Driver detail before authorising online.
Teasendrive also calls up the car owner to have a little familiarization chat, as part of security measure.

Click on find a ride.
Put your destination and search for available rides.
The rides display, then check ride details, see the verification levels of the car owner, then if ok, book the ride.
The driver is notified, with the passenger details. He checks out the passenger profile and the passenger verification levels and decides if he wants to offer the ride. If yes, he contacts the passenger and they meet at agreed meeting point to enjoy their ride together.
    I am so happy and proud of the new and successful innovations, coming up in our beloved country and around the world everyday, I will always celebrate such. What do you think of this innovation? will you try it? Do you have any questions or comments? let us know in the comment section or contact tease N drive on
    Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram @teasendrive


    1. Wow! This is quite novel. I like it, especially that they addressed most security concerns for this type of concept. I will register. Thanks for sharing.


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