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Nigeria! A people rich in culture, and culture they say is the total way of life of a group of people, ranging from the clothes they wear, their beliefs, myths, facts, fiction,festivals, events, places and yes the food they eat!

If you have been to Nigeria, you will know we are a people with great cultural heritage, survival spirit and hustle power so we have food to fuel our hustle, thanks to our land mass,soil and manpower that have allowed for agriculture to strive, which is why I am bringing to you these top 8 Street food you can find readily available, affordable and healthy on the streets in Nigeria.

These #StreetFoods are hawked or sold by the roadside in Nigeria, oh! food business is life business, No one can resist
  • SUYA: Made from roasting the various parts of cow meat, ram and chicken, It is a spicy meat delicacy, prepared and spiced with dried pepper(red or black), groundnut cake,cabbage, onions, lettuce and salt, it can be spiced according to preference, and severed in a skewer at parties or in a take away paper and nylon the Aboki style *winks* every major street in Nigeria has an this delicacy is mostly prepared by the northerners in Nigeria and can be enjoyed by everyone. The dried version of suya is called Kilishi 

  • ABACHA: Also called African salad, it is made from cooked dried shredded cassava, it is prepared with oil beans seed known as Ukpaka in igbo language, palm oil, salt, maggi, pepper, crayfish, Utazi leave and Ogiri / iru . It is then garnished and served with Large onions, garden egg, garden egg leaf and fish (stock fish, smoked fish, fried fish)  or kpomo (cow skin). It is sold or hawked on the roadside in Nigeria, it can also be locally made at home for traditional ceremonies. It is mostly made by the people from the Eastern part of Nigeria - the Igbos.
          Displaying WP_20150923_002.jpg
African salad

  • FRIES: A combination of fried Yam, Beans ball commonly called Akara, Sweet Potatoes and Plantain, all fried separately in a large pot filled with groundnut oil burning with firewood on the roadside, it is garnished with pepper sauce and fish, it can also be taken as a snack alone or a meal when served with hot Oats, Pap or Custard. *Yummy! Every major street in Nigeria has a hard working woman by the roadside feeding the masses with this sumptuous fries as Nigerian Students will call it.
  • AGEGE BREAD: This is a special kind of bread made in Lagos Nigeria, it has become like a staple roadside food, characterised by its white / brown colour, soft nature and it is very affordable, it can be eaten with fried egg, soft drink, tea, stew, butter, beans ball (Akara), sausage, fruit jam, nutella and more. I prefer to make a craby paddy (homemade bugger of lettuce and sausage roll) out of it.
  • ROAST PLANTAIN: Popularly called "Boli" In Nigeria, it is made from roasting whole plantain, it can be eaten with groundnut as a snack or served with palm oil garnished with salt, pepper, onion and fish as a meal. Boli can be found easily and readily on the streets of Lagos.
                       Displaying (_) Doris Designs (_).jpg
                        Roast plantain & groundnut
Displaying 6tag-876122981-1085687148368009706_876122981.jpg
Roast plantain with palmoil

  • ROAST YAM: It is one of the easiest and delicious road side food, made from roasting raw yam, it can be served and eaten with a garnished sauce of palm oil, onions, utazi leaf, salt, pepper and kpomo.
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  • CORN WITH PEAR / COCONUT: Very popular, but seasonal Nigerian street food, it can be done by roasting or cooking the corn, then served with coconut or pear.

  • EWA AGOYIN: As it is popularly called "ewa agoyin" this is a meal of mashed beans served with palm oil sauce, this is the most popular of all street foods, prepared and hawked by the people of Togo here in Lagos Nigeria. It can be eaten with yam or bread.

So when next you are in Nigeria or you are tired from work and cant fix any meal, the ready to eat is just on your street. As much speculations concerning the hygienic nature of the preparation of these foods, we kill such peculation with the fact that it has passed through heat! *covers face* Am such a foodie.
 I am dedicating this post to my friend who just came in from finland, he parked his car and bought these roast yam he even took pictures and kept on testifying, he went on and on, on how sweet the yam was and how the food business and the women of our great nation survive from feeding the nation through selling these popular foods on the roadside. Do you have any other popular street food in mind? Please mention it in the comment section.

My Lumia Camera , Internet pictures.


  1. interesting list, abacha is the only one i haven't had, maybe because i'm yoruba.x

  2. interesting list, abacha is the only one i haven't had, maybe because i'm yoruba.x


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