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Many people ride across the cities to work or on a trip with empty car seats, while teeming passengers struggle to enter rickety commercial vehicles that is barely enough.
In the same vein, many people pick up strangers while riding to work or making a trip along the way, and many strangers hang along these highways or major bus stops and get a ride from strange car owners. The implication is that per chance something goes wrong, there is no means of tracing whom they shared a ride with.

Hence, TeasenDrive was borne out of the passion to create a safer riding experience for both car owners who wish to share their empty seats, and passengers.


Nigeria! A people rich in culture, and culture they say is the total way of life of a group of people, ranging from the clothes they wear, their beliefs, myths, facts, fiction,festivals, events, places and yes the food they eat!

If you have been to Nigeria, you will know we are a people with great cultural heritage, survival spirit and hustle power so we have food to fuel our hustle, thanks to our land mass,soil and manpower that have allowed for agriculture to strive, which is why I am bringing to you these top 8 Street food you can find readily available, affordable and healthy on the streets in Nigeria.

These #StreetFoods are hawked or sold by the roadside in Nigeria, oh! food business is life business, No one can resist
SUYA: Made from roasting the various parts of cow meat, ram and chicken, It is a spicy meat delicacy, prepared and spiced with dried pepper(red or black), groundnut cake,cabbage, onions, lettuce and salt, it can be spiced according to preference, and severed in a s…