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Hi people, Happy New Month, May it be our September to remember for good! So here is the Question for the day: CAN YOU GO OUT WITHOUT MAKEUP? CAN YOU POST A REAL I WOKE UP LIKE THIS PICTURE WITHOUT FILTER? HOW GREAT IS YOUR SKIN?  Lots of people have been asking me what my skincare routine is, and I have been trying so hard to let it sink to them that I do not have a routine except for fruits, vegetables, water therapy, exercising, pears baby lotion mixed with lemon serum and YES! good genes, God bless my parents for finding each other *lol! While growing up, I remember pressing my face and expecting pimples, because someone told me in school that I wasn't mature because my face was so smooth and pimples was a sign of maturity *huh! how naive can i be, thank God the pimples never came.
                                                           My face after using come clean

I have never been a product girl, but since people have been speculating that I have a special skincare routine, I decided to myself owk! let me try out the S.Studio skincare range, since I work as their PR, I got a full range 🙌 one of the perks of working with a skincare brand like Sleek Studio Nigeria. skincare range is a Skincare product from Sleek Nigeria and It contains natural and organic ingredients which is safe for us here in the tropics or like they will say safe for us "women of colour and the skin consious man"  it consist of the Exfoliating and the Lightening range, you can click on their website HERE  to find out all the products in each range. My favourite products from the goody bag is the SCRUB AWAY MY TROUBLES body scrub & COME CLEAN facial cleanser.

My face without makeup
First of!
The PACKAGING - I like the all white, black and pink signature of the brand. It makes it easy for you to read the content on the pack of the product, the containers are the richest and prettiest I have seen.
INGREDIENTS - Very Organic and Natural, from the Scent and feel, you will see that coconuts, aleovera, dead sea salts hyaluronic acid and more are contained in it.
So I got around using the Come Clean facial cleanser and my verdict is 10/10.

Come Clean: I call this my go to or my lazy day product, because the come clean is in the exfoliating range of the Skincare product, It foams right out of the bottle, it doesnt need water to activate, it helps take off makeup and dirts from the face. So when I get back from work very late at night and I cant rush to the shower *covers face* I have the come clean and my wipes on my bed stand, i just clean and wipe my face! its more effective than using just wipes, because it involves a mechanical form of exfoliation where you rub in the product onto your face like you are washing the face while you sit on your bed, then wipe the foam off your face with a face wipe, but a wipe involves rubbing your face with just a wipe that can still leave makeup residue. A guy can also use this product as an aftershave.

GIVEAWAY TIME! So I will be giving away these products to 1 lucky person, all you need do is be the 1st to comment, telling me why you deserve to win the skincare product and lastly follow my blog on google + remember this giveaway closes on saturday and winner will be announced on monday. You also have to be in Lagos to participate.



  1. I'd like to win this cause I've never won anything before and this would be my 1st if I win this. + I need skin care products like sleek so badly. Fingers crossed.

    1. Congrats girl. You are the winner of this giveaway, please send your contact number to for details on how to get your gift

  2. Ah i loveeee sleek they amazing and this product seems on point id love to own one. Ur very pretty by the way.
    Thank you for sharing this with us hun.
    Follow my blog if you'd like to join my monthly give-away.
    Check out my new post whenever you can:

    1. Sure Dominica Sygula thanks for the compliments, following your blog right away

  3. Niceee. Really nice review hun.


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