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Hi lovelies, I know I have been MIA for a week now, and I apologize because I have been having issues with my Laptop, electricity and my internet service provider #ProblemsOfANigerianBlogger, a new post coming soon. I hate to give excuses, but you my lovely readers deserve to know why. Am here now, so lets get the ball rolling.

I did my National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) about 3years ago and the experience for me was amazing, enjoyable, adventurous, interesting and stressful I must confess. If you are
wondering what NYSC is, its a one year program where Nigerian University graduates go to serve the Nation after graduation. Students are randomly posted to communities in any of the 36 states of the federation.In the first 3 weeks of this NYSC program, is the camping period, known as the NYSC orientation camp, all graduates are expected to report to the Orientation camp depending on the state they are posted to. 
I served my father Land

During my time, I was a hot "Youth Corper" as the community you are posted to usually refer to Corp members. I was a Lagos Corper and the Camp is at Iyana Ipaja Lagos. We were kept and drilled Under the watch and supervision of of Stern Soldiers and NYSC coordinators. Alot of interesting and surprising things went on in camp, but what do you expect when you keep adults in a camp? Ok comeback, don't let your imagination take you on a journey. The interesting part for me in Camp was our Skill acquisition lectures, health and ICT talk under the the marquee tent and the morning drill,all corp members are expected to come down to a very wide open field that can accommodate about over 3000 people. I have always been a fitness person so I like it when we dance and exercise to songs from Nigerian artist and insulting chants from the soldiers. The part I dislike in camp is having to wake up every morning at 4am to kit up for drills at 5am. With the loud trumpet call "pampampara parapara pampampara" most of you reading this can reckon with this if you have served. We had Match past, man o' war, climbing, jungle activities, Mr & Mrs NYSC camp (best activity to look out for), cooking competition, health, ICT talk, Corpers night, Artist coming to perform, businesses coming to woo us, the almighty mami market, alot of activities I cant mention due to space constraint. The camp was a community of its own *bringing back memories abi?
Hot Corper in camp outfit

On your entrance to the camp, there are things you are not expected to come with and things you are expected to come with which would be listed in your callup letter, you will also be given a kit, provided by the Federal government. I truly didn't depend on their kit, If you have served, you know why, if you have not, please don't learn the hard way, just enter the camp with these items I would list out here to supplement your Kit and also for your personal use.
  • A set of 3white round neck polo. 
  • A set of 3white shorts.
  •  A set of 3white socks.
  •   A waist pouch.
  •   A pair of white tennis shoe
  •  Sunshades (my fashion item fetish) the sun is hot and field is wide, trust me you need it.
  • Water bottle, plate, cup & spoon(we were served food 3 times a day, its optional, you can come with your provision or buy food from Mami market.
  •  Underwear, toiletries, hygiene kit(don't say i didn't warn you) bucket, wrapper, flip flop, Slippers , and "Are you good to go" good to go good to go good to go. We had too many chants and songs.
Don't break the bank or stress yourself to get these items like I did, I traveled to the Eastern part of Nigeria to get my short, but now Online Shopping is in vogue and is here to bridge the gap. KONGA.COM online retail store recently introduced their "AjuwayaStore" all you need do is visit AJUWAYA MARKET to order for your kit and you can pay on delivery or online and within 6days, your items would be delivered to your door step. No hassles, In the KONGA.COM Ajuwaya store, they have items from 100NGN to 1,500naira. Ain't you excited? I am because I have alot of people who admired me and have been aspiring to be like me during my NYSC days, they have been questioning me on where I got my stuffs, now your time is here. Hurry up people, click AJUWAYA MARKET to order, tell your friends, neighbours and siblings. Don't dull, look good and enjoy your NYSC days. Camping for the first batch is A week from now, so what are you waiting for?
True Patriot

So after camping for 3weeks, you will be pushed out to the communities to serve through teaching, community development services, serving in Federal institutions, hospitals, acquiring entrepreneurial skills, and more. The community treat the corp members posted to their place with respect, and the sum of 19,800 naira would be paid by the federal government to each corp member every month. The aim of NYSC is to bring unity between the tribes in Nigeria. Sometimes a Corper gets married to another Corper. So how was your NYSC days like? Share in the comment section your ordeal in camp or after camp. For me, I liked all the activities and I disliked the early call/waking up in the morning and the preferential treatment given to Corp members in the medical field *jealous*


  1. mine was really good because i came from home whenever anything important like allowance collection was happening.#nursingmotherdays.It was easy for me,so easy and i never wanted to go to camp anyway.

  2. Great advert for the Ajuwaya store... Yo be hot corper true true

  3. Nice blog!

  4. Nice Read.

    please kindly visit

  5. Nd am loving dis blog. say hi to Chisom for me

    1. Sure dear, I will. Thanks for finding time to read and am going to keep working hard to make the blog enjoyable for my ardent readers.

  6. Love this… beautiful
    Have a rocking week!


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