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Good day lovelies, Happy New Month and welcome to the Month of March. May you all march to your success this month. So it was my Birthday last Saturday the 28 of February, seeing all the well wishes from well wishers on all my social media handle gave me every reason to be happy, I never had the intentions of having any party this year, infact I have never had a lowkey birthday, thanks to my friends and family who like to turnup to make things happen for me.I was a bit on the low, because I haven't attained the height I set out for myself at my age, but in all I thank God for the gift of Life, Love, Family and well wishers.
Two of my very sweet friends Got me cakes and there was a party for just five people. Thanks to @Kizzy @chizaramogbu @siblings and @wellwishers for the wishes and display pictures.
This post was inspired by the reason why i didnt want to celebrate my birthday this year and the New TV series called B430 about to hit our TV network this month March 2015, here in Nigeria and in some other countries. This TV series B430 is centered around four Ladies in Lagos Nigeria and their struggles to settle down before the age of 30. So below are my 10 should do list before you clock 30. If you are wondering how old I am, I am twenty something. Below is a list of what you should do B430.

  • Get a job, a business or a source of income.
  • Make investments, like buying shares.
  • Have a steady working bank account
  • Identify with your religion or a positive group.
  • Have a fitness and health Regime. With this you should feel comfortable in your Skin, get the great body you want and prepare yourself for a healthy lifestyle at old age.
  • Travel to your home town or identify with your cultural background.
  • Take risk, go on an adventure like Skating, sky diving, travelling and more
  • Get an educational degree and a skill. These would save you and put food on the table. A skill in written and oral communication, IT skills, fashion designing, photography, film editing and production, pluming, painting, graphic designing, hair dressing, nail art, event decoration, catering, makeup and more skills in case you are wondering which you can do.
  • Buy yourself an expensive item. As a bachelor or spinster you should boast of getting yourself a valuable useful item such as a gadget, a car or a tool to kick start your business
  • Most importantly, fall in love or be in a stable relationship. (Our African parents would nag the life out of you to get married, and some peoples escape root would be to soak themselves in their jobs, just to avoid the nag from their parents)                              Leave your comments if you agree with number 10, or the list as a whole or if you disagree or if you have something else to add. The above "should do list" touches the social, physical, cultural, religious and economic aspect of life.
You can visit @b430tv on instagram or the website to watch the thriller and know viewing dates. 
More Birthday pictures

Red velvet with oat cake from cakes and cream and Vanilla flavor with berries and pineapple fruit cake from Candy patisseries and bakery
  • I was so happy, I didn't hespered it *in falz voice*

    ETHNIQUES QUOTE : Forget the age and live the life .


  1. nice..i did a similar post myself..i should go to my home true. happy birthday in arrears.x

    1. Thanks Dee, I have read yours, its so hilariously true.

  2. See enjoyment. You just utilised this medium to do us #longthroat. I am even vexed that you didn't extend invitation to It is obvious you had a splendid time and celebration.

    1. Hahahahaha! Mr Steve, I just used this medium to share my thoughts, about the invite, I know you are out of town

  3. Every lady should get married before 30 to avoid menopause and every guy should have made money to marry at 30. My opinion, just saying.

    1. Wow! Blessing that some straight forward point.

  4. Happy birthday in arias.... Yeah marriage before 30 is great but I don't think thats what should define an individual neither should anyone marry just to avoid 'menopause' lol

    1. Tanx Tope for the birthday wishes. My dear, I encourage you to share your thoughts. A lot of twenty something are still yet to find their path.

  5. Yeah tope, but this is Africa and we know what its like down here. Mother inlaws and grandchildren, men settling for much younger girls

  6. wait! what if i don;t attain all na lol

  7. I was reading to c all d weird tins, bt these r really in order bt hmmm.. Take a risk ke?? Make an investment.. Acquire a skill ke.. I still hv a lot to do. Time to hasten up


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