Monday, 16 February 2015


Hi peeps, Hope you all had a wonderful Val celebration and your weekend went well. Mine was Fab, while others are making the aftermath of valentines day sound negative, I have decided to share with you the good part of Val and all the fun that went down. But before then I would like to pay respect to Late Michele Ferrero who passed on at the age of 89 on Valentines day 2015. Ferrero is the the richest chocolate maker in the world. He is the marker of my favorite chocolate hazlenut spread called NUTELLA and other chocolate brands, to think I was eating Big treat coconut bread with Nutella on the day he passed on. I say RIP Ferrero.
So back to the matter valentines day this year for me was nice, I spent it at home with lunch served to

me while I just sat down and he said "relax let me pour your wine" *blushing* he cooked and served lunch and we both ate to our fill. We prayed before lunch, watched TV, gisted and said our vote of thanks, more like appreciation afterwards. I had gifts and chocolate was part of it, don't ask me what I gave o. I ate chocolates and cake. I know you all are saying it's bad for your health, but I eat them occasionally on days like Val and my birthday, which is coming up in two weeks time 28 of this month. While others are condemning the calories in a bar of chocolate, some would say its a way to a girl's heart, I would like to share the health benefits of eating the RIGHT KIND OF CHOCOLATE IN THE RIGHT QUANTITY. So you ask what is the right kind of chocolate, I say the "Dark Chocolate that has CaCao. Cacao is one of the ingredients used in making chocolate, its bitter but it has antioxidant and flavinoid compounds that increases the flexibility of the veins and arteries.

  •  Chocolate reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and stabilizes blood pressure.(Its not just the way to a girl's heart but chocolates is a way to a healthy heart.            
  • It helps reduce stress and increases mental alertness. Researchers attribute this to the presence of flavinoids.
  • Dark Chocolate helps you to watch your diet if you are on a diet and want to loose weight. The presence of Cacao in dark chocolate helps to reduce craving of salty and fatty foods.
  • The presence of Theobromine in dark chocolate helps to reduce cough. So when you want to eat chocolate, check the pack for 70% of Cacao. This no excuse to skip ur exercise since chocolate has a lot of butter, milk and sugar. But these healthy benefits is an excuse to stop eating up yourself if you have had chocolates to eat. So how did you spend your valentine? This segment on my blog is to share tips, recipes, travel experience and to rant. I decided to continue because when I checked my google analyzer, I had the highest number of views on this post. Thanks for checking in

my new found sea food called kalimari, watch out for a post on it. I love snail meat.


  1. Who is the person that has ur heart?

  2. A good write-up. The Ferrero guy has made fortune out of cocoa processing. It shows how much attention Africans pay to natural resources and how much they get out of it financially and otherwise.

  3. Nice post! Very enlightening:)

  4. You really had fun, you should post often.