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I spent part of this weekend looking for my Name on the Coke bottle. Hi peeps, how was your weekend? Mine was fun but before the gist, I would love to say Happy New Month, it is February the month of Love, most importantly my birth month and here in Nigeria it’s the year 2015 election month.

Back to the matter, it is no longer news that the Coca-Cola bottling and Beverage Company has been customizing names, even our local traditional Nigerian names on their bottles. I was at SHOPRITE SURULERE, then proceeded to SHOPRITE IKEJA Lagos Nigeria, after searching at Surulere to no avail, for a Coke bottle that has my name on it *covers face* while at the mall, I saw a lot of youths, kids with their parents and even adults at the coca-cola section looking for their names on Coke bottle. Chei! Who did this to us? Whoever the Brand strategist at the Coca-Cola bottling and Beverage Company is or the person, who thought about the campaign “share a coca-cola” is, must really be a genius. Asides’ being a genius, the person has generated more sales and more recognition for the brand am not saying this brand isn’t popular o! They have been around even before my existence, but you see they keep getting better and I don’t know why they feel the need to, why can’t they just allow us upcoming business owners to shine? As I was still standing there, the “YAB LINE : WHILE PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR THEIR NAMES ON FORBE LIST YOU ARE LOOKING FOR YOURS ON COKE BOTTLE” just came to my mind, and then I stepped aside forming like a “big girl” why should I be doing this? I left the mall to visit my friend and sweetheart, as I got there a conversation took place and in the conversation I was reminded that Instagram within two years of its existence was sold for one billion dollars to face book owner Mark Zuckerberg by the founder and co-founder Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.  It dawned on me that I have to keep working hard and smart and KEEP UP WITH MY NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS, so as to reach my goals, instead of wasting my time enriching other brands by looking for my name on coke bottle *no bad belle to the brand o* good work coke, I just got inspired by your marketing and thinking out of the box strategy.

What’s up with me and this resolution sef? My Mum use to say in Igbo “mgbe onye ji tetea bu otutu ya’ meaning whenever you wake up your morning starts, I don’t buy that o! What if you wake at your grey age, what have you achieved? I had the privilege of attending THE PLATFORM at the Covenant center last year and that event saw moguls, professors, and people successful in their chosen fields speak to a hall filled with over 1000 individuals. One of the Speakers at that event was Caroline Arnold, the author of “SMALL MOVE BIG CHANGE” and she gave us very useful TIPS on “how to effect change and make a resolution” I have been practicing them and I have seen great result. Here they are:

·         Identify the one thing you want to change about you and focus on it, make micro resolution.
·         Resolve to change one thing that is easy, limited and reasonable.
·         Turn aspirations into actions (it is not to be different, but to do things differently) if you want to stop alcohol, maybe because of health reasons or any reason, you can substitute alcohol for water and when the temptation sets in remember how much you would want to be alive.
·         Let your Resolutions be Explicit, Measurable and precise.
·         Challenge yourself to make a change by changing yourself first.
·         Most importantly respect time and avoid procrastination.
I hope this tips have helped you change your mind set and would help you with your resolutions. Try this tips, see how achievable they are. More so read the book “small move big change” to get more practical tips 
I won’t forget to show you what I wore this weekend to the mall.
This is a new segment on my blog to rant and share tips, travel experience,  event experience, culinary expertise, my views, general fitness and hair tips, upcoming vlog about everything lifestyle . What do you think about it? Yay or nay? I am still looking for a name to give this, do you like Monday Random, Monday Rants, Inspirational Mondays Or what name do you suggest,? I am also working on my Vlog so that I don't bore you all with lengthy write ups. WATCH OUT!


  1. thx for the tips, I definitely need to keep my resolutions in line!

  2. Hehehe....gorgeous Uju.

    Really insightful and inspiring tips.

    I think Random Mondays is suitable but I will advise you to be more concerned with the contents and not the title.

    Vblog? I anticipate. XoXo

  3. Thanks buddies for the complements and encouragements @ Stephen you are rights, I would focus on the content, @ Marcia your blog is power packed, I will keep ion touch. @Belu nwannem thank you

  4. resolutions..i avoided making any this year but this are good tips i will apply in other things.x

  5. I love your look dear!



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