Monday, 22 December 2014


I was put on the Spot last week, someone asked me to list my FOUR TRAVEL ESSENTIAL ITEMS IN seven seconds and I hurriedly listed MY PHONE which is like an office to me, it has everything downloaded even a bible downloaded and internet access, MY MAKEUP PURSE which is like a room, it has virtually all body essentials that shouldn’t even be in a makeup purse *my bad*, COMFORTABLE CLOTHES and MONEY. Hi everyone, with just few days to Xmas, we can feel the harmattan breeze, the last minute shopping spree, events and activities everywhere to mark the end of a successful year and celebrate the birth of JESUS, yeah! We can say Xmas came too early. My favorite part about this season is the weather; it has a way of brightening up my skin. Here in Nigeria we experience harmattan. Aside the weather, I love the Travel part, because it’s a time for thanksgiving, weddings, parties, family reunion, and celebration of things worth celebrating, of course no making up excuses with work, because the Xmas season is a general holiday.

I have heard a lot of people complain about the stress of packing before travelling, and am like why? I plan ahead of time and pack my things a night before I travel, yeah it works for me, because I am an advocate of being organized. Enough of the story, here is the main gist. For a time and season of celebration like Xmas, here are MY TRAVEL ESSENTIALS:

·         MY TOILET BAG: it consist of my toiletries like my toothbrush, toothpaste, wipes, soap, comb, hair oil, body cream, lip balm and hand sponge. NB: this bag should be small like a purse.

·         COMFORTABLE CLOTHES: For this season and weather (Xmas and Harmattan), you would need a sweat shirt, jeans, midi gown, midi skirt, mini gown for party, chiffon tops and flow gown. As a Naija girl from the eastern part of Nigeria, I like my funky iro and buba made of silk and my gele(head gear).

·         SHOE: One heel shoe (ladies), a shoe(men), a flat sandal, a loafer, a belt and a silk scarf( the scarf can pass for a body wrap, a mofla or a simple fashion accessory for hair and body, depending on how you style it.

·         MY HAND BAG: It consist of my Phone and Tab, of course it should have internet access and network for communication, high mega pixel (I like to take pictures of people, places, food, animals and capture the moment as a blogger), radio and music downloaded, my hand sanitizer, my hand cream, a body spray, my sun shades, my makeup purse, a pen and a book.

·         ACCESSORIES for me are optional, I don’t like to travel with accessories, it means extra box because accessories are delicate and you don’t want to break your earring or neckpiece. Except for the ones I would wear on the travel day, I like to shop and am sure to get lovely accessories at my travel destination.

At the end of this list, everything should fit inside TWO bags which are your TRAVEL BOX and your hand bag; sure you don’t want to go through the stress of hauling your luggage especially if you fly economical or by Road transport. Note that these essentials should be based on the number of days you are going to spend at your travel destination and the kind of event you would be attending this festive Xmas season.

·         TICKETING & BOOKINGS should be done early to avoid rush or delay

·         EAT LIGHT the day before you travel, sure you don’t want to have stomach upset

·         TAKE A MAP, be it to your home town or outside the country, make a research about your travel destination, so you don’t get missing, know the culture and tradition of the place you’re travelling to. NB: When in Rome, behave like a Roman.

·         TRAVEL LIGHT, because there is a probability you would want to shop or take a piece from your travel destination, so you can get space to put all your shopping items.
  • DRESS NICE BUT CASUAL to the airport or motor park, you don't know who you might meet.


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  1. nice tips, so sads i saw this late, but its still helpful