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Hi everyone, this is a late post, but I must do it. I saw the movie October 1st last week and I thought to review it. Kunle Afolayan’s movies leaves you with answers and yet more questions, so I decided to do an in depth research which gave me a better understanding of our independence here in Nigeria, thanks to the movie October 1st. I bet most people don't even know the real story, only the surviving heroes and our founding fathers most of which have gone to their great beyond can tell the story, thanks to History, hence the movie OCTOBER 1st. I advocate through this medium that History be taught in schools.

OCTOBER 1st, this thriller film is set in the 1960s in a village known as Akote which depicts the western part of Nigeria, it tells the story of a Police Inspector Danladi Waziri, played by veteran broadcaster (Sadiq Daba) who hails from the Northern part of Nigeria, he is sent by the Colonial Government to investigate the gruesome murder going on in Akote village, before Independence day. Written by, Tunde Babalola, Produced and directed by Kunle Afolanya. October 1st is a tale of the Inter tribal ills, ethnic wars, corruption and of courses our Amalgamation as a Nation.
Me on my way to see the movie with my SOS branded T-shirt. I like the colour green, its patriotic of me. *smiles*

The writer did a good job of infusing Fiction into Facts, though the movie originally titled Dust by the writer was changed to October 1st by the Producer who retained the writer’s content because of its relevance in Nigerian Independence. The part of the movie which explored the issues of Western education and Religion, saw Koya played by (Kunle Afolanya) show his detest for western education by going back to cocoa farming after his level of education and preventing his kids from going to school, because he was abused by a priest Father Dowling played by (Colin David Reese), that aspect of the movie go a long way to show you can practice your belief without imposing it on people or being violent about it, that tackles the issue of boko haram. The Prince Aderopo played by (Demola Adedoyin) also abused by the priest had a different way of venting his own anger, the moral of that part of the movie shows how an abused child can be of danger to the society. I liked the fact that the type of abuse meted at Koya and Aderopo was left to the imagination of the viewers. Even though the killer was revealed too early, the reason why he was killing was concealed till the very end.

Scenes from the movie
The attention given to Funmilayo Ransom Kuti played by (Deola Sagoe) who is also the set costume designer, is necessary, even if much wasn't said about her in the movie, her recognition in the movie, portrays the fact that she was a history maker. My hilarious moments is the role of Inspector Afonja played by (Kayode Olaiya), the kids with their recitation of our old National Anthem when the teacher Tawa played by (Kehinde Bankole) had to correct them, the look of insecurity on the face of the village headmaster played by (Abiodun Aleja) whenever the Prince goes close to Miss Tawa, the makeup artist did well with the tribal marks. The movie ran for over 2 hours that went unnoticed because of the hilarious moments and suspense.
What kept me spell bound is the choice of cast by Afolanya, I really must say he is a Prolific movie maker, especially the entrance of Kanayo O Kanayo in the movie which depicted “ghen ghen you have touched the tail of a lion” the props by Pat Nebo, the Cinematography by Yinka Edwards wowed me, especially the smoke at the train station and lighting in the bush, the location, the fact the three indigenous languages in Nigeria Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa was spoken, the balanced act of all the tribes including the representation of the colonial masters. The like the fact that there is no holds back in the movie, because there was no fear to expose the ills. God bless the cast, crew, the writer, especially the producer and everyone who made this movie a success, God bless Nigeria.
When I was about to critic the movie, the answers started falling in place, answers like the where about of the prince before the killings in Akota. Father Dowling looked the same after 20 years while Koya and Aderopo changed, that’s about the only fault I see in the movie
October 1st is like a puzzle, you can only fix it at the end of the movie, it serves as an Archive of history for our generation yet unborn. It deserves an international accolade- Ethniques Blog by Uju

Kunle Afolayan’s movies lives one with answers and yet more questions. So If your looking for what to do this weekend, why not go to the cinemas to see this movie.


  1. Love the casual, I think I should watch d movie heard about it

  2. very interesting post, nice review. i would see the movie

  3. Nicely written for an opinion, but it isn't exactly in depth


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