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Hi everyone, Happy New Week. So I have been loving this blog lately, Austin Azodo is the man behind this blog, He is an interesting young man, a banker in Nigeria, who admist his busy schedule takes out time to Blog, he is a creative and interesting writer, whose piece of work in terms of Financial advice and Life lessons has attracted me. Culled from his blog is this interesting piece " HOW TO SQUEEZE 25 HOURS INTO YOUR DAY.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem: 24 HOURS WILL NEVER AGAIN BE ENOUGH FOR A DAY
My boss regularly says that she has not got enough time. My dad says the same thing. My unemployed cousin says the same thing!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I too complain of the same thing! So, I became curious.
This is my typical day…

4.30 am: Alarm 1 rings… (Turns severally in bed. Might wake up or not)

4.35am: Alarm 2 rings… (Drags body out of bed and into the bathroom)

5.00-5.10 am: Hits the road… (While trying to finish up dressing)

After about 2 to 3 hours in traffic, I finally arrive at the office.

With the push of a button on my computer, my work begins… (In order to save my life I have learnt to at least take a cup of tea early in the morning. Ulcer is not sexy!)

I do loan analysis, reconciliation, and reporting work amongst other things for a financial institution in Nigeria. It requires me to pay full attention. Sometimes, I forget to have lunch. All in a bid to maximize the working hours. I constantly miss the calls of people that are important to me.

A lot of the time…

8.30 pm: Finally leaves the office.

10.15 pm: Arrival… quick dinner (usually of noodles so I can save time)

Bathing. Reading. Pinging. A few calls.
00.30 am: Bed time

And the cycle continues…

I don’t seem to do a lot in a day, so I decided to search for the “thieves of time” in my life. These are the major ones I found…

TRAFFIC- In Lagos, Nigeria traffic here is crazy, to put it mildly. I suppose that will be the case for most people living in Mega Cities.

What to do? Make it productive. Catch some sleep. Read a book. Call family and friends.

PHONE- This was supposed to make our lives easier and simpler but it has done the opposite.

What to do? Turn off your phone when you need to (e.g weekends, while at your religious place of worship, etc.)

SOCIAL NETWORKS- So much for social networks at a time when we are becoming more socially awkward.

What to do? You have no business being on all of them. Use your head.

BANKS- yeah, I know one of them pays my salary but queues irritate the sh*t out of me.

What to do? Go digital. Most transactions can now be done online.

TV- this is one of the biggest time wasters of all time. According to a stat from, the average American watches TV for about 28 hours a week! That is more than one day every week. TRANSLATION- The average American has less than 6 days a week. Personally, I am not a TV person but I had to include this as it affects a large number of people.

What to do? You don’t need more than a few minutes to catch the news and the few useful programs on TV.

WikiHow wrote this beautiful article on how to stop watching TV. Enjoy it here

Trimming a few minutes off these activities can actually make you seem to enjoy more time in a day!
If you find this piece interesting and for more financial tips, visit
Until next time, Be Productive!


  1. lolol lagos trafic fit commot belle sef
    thanks for this dear


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