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Hi peeps, Happy weekend, the weekend is here again, its time to rest and unwind. Thinking of what to do and where to go without breaking the bank or fear of Traffic? Then here are top five things you can indulge in away from the regular weekend activities you are use to

Its the round up of the FIFA 2014 World Cup, if you won't be watching the finals live from the Maracana Stadium in Brazil Or the Third place match, then you can do it from the comfort of your home, as local Tv stations would air it, call up a few friends, stock up your refrigerator with chilled can beer, That way you won't exceed your drinking limit or order for more drinks as you are not in the bar(save that cash). Thats for the Guys, the Ladies can indulge if you want to have your man around and secretly drool over the hunks on the field as most ladies don't like to watch football. For the Ladies, you can make pancake, sandwich, juice or any kind of snacks, call up your friends, watch your favourite TV series and catch up on good old times from the comfort of your home. HAVE FUN
N.B even if its not over a football match, you can still host your friends at home over business chat or for fun.
WARNING the noise from you and your friends could disturb the neighbors.

DO COMMUNITY WORK: You can call up a couple of friends or family members, with them you can put resources together, then visit the Orphanage home, Prisons, Old peoples home, clean up your local church or mosque Or better still gather a group of young children in your community and teach them a skill you are talented in Or clean up your environment. There is this Satisfaction, Happiness and Blessing that comes with Community service.
 Its not where you are that makes where you at fun, but its who you are with that makes where you at fun. 

GO DANCING OR KARAOKE: Check search engines for affordable hangout spot where you can go sing your heart out or learn how to dance salsa, If you choose to go alone, possibilities are that you may likely hook up with a prince charming or a pretty lady or a group of folks you would network with. 
Its fun to meet new people

LEARN A NEW CRAFT: You can take out time to visit DIY blogs(do it yourself) and practicalize new craft skills, you can go to your local store and get all you need for the practice. DIY is a come in handy when you need a fix. you can also visit craft centers for such, you pay by the hour to learn at this centers, On blogs its free. My favorite DIY blog is, my skill center is with Hesy of Hesy designs.
watch this SPACE my blog for my DIY sections, i will teach most of what I have learned

READ A BOOK OR MEDITATE: This may sound boring, but trust me,it is therapeutic. It calms the mind, frees the spirit, heals the soul, increases our knowledge and Improves our well being. Always make it a point of duty to read a book a week or meditate once a week. 

A book can save a situation. LIVE. LOVE. LEARN. LAUGH & HAVE FUN.
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  1. Nice post. Hosting my friends at home for the world cup may become a disaster. I would consider meditating.

  2. I will do dance lol because am good at that. Thanks dear


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