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Hi peeps, we have a guest writer in the house, Yay! This post for me is a great one, because the Sunglasses is one of my fashion fetish, I never step out of the house without it, the sun just has a way of darkening the skin under my eyes and giving me eye bags.

Sunglasses are extremely important for protecting the eyes from harmful sun rays and when it comes to choosing them, you will surely also want to look good in them. There are so many brands, shapes, sizes and prices on the market, it can be quite a challenge to decide which pair suits you best. Following little guide on how to choose the perfect sunglasses for you will help you make a decision.

1.    UV Protection
Quality sunglasses are worth investing in as not only will they last longer, but will also be designed with maximum protection from harmful sun rays. The most important factor to consider is whether or not the sunglasses you choose provide ultraviolet radiation protection that can cause damage and contribute towards different eye diseases. A tip would be to look for glasses that have a 99 - 100% block for maximum protection. Don't be afraid, you don't have to spend a lot to find a good and quality pair, there are also websites with free ads - click here to check one - with many interesting offers.
2.    Know Your Shape
When choosing sunglasses, knowing your face shape is the key to getting the right style and size that suits you best. Take a look at our guide below on styles that best compliment your face shape.
Square: If you have a strong jaw line, it is recommended to choose sunglasses with oval or round frames. Try to avoid square shaped frames as they can accentuate the angles of your face.
Triangle: For those with a triangle shaped face, try a semi-rimless pair of glasses to accentuate the upper face. It would be recommended to avoid narrow frames that will give an out of proportion effect.
Oval: High cheek bones and balanced proportions - Those with an oval faced shape are actually pretty lucky when it comes to choosing sunglasses. You will find that most shapes and styles will suit you, but try to avoid frames that are too large for your features.
Oblong: Tall frames are recommended for this type of face as they give the impression that the face is shorter and don’t accentuate its length. Try to avoid short frames that will do the opposite.
Round: A round face shape should also avoid shorter frames to prevent the accentuation of the face length, go for a pair that have angular and geometric shapes to sharpen your facial features.
3.    Make sure the Glasses fit you properly
A major error people tend to make when choosing sunglasses is buying a pair that doesn't fit properly. When you try on your sunglasses, make sure that they don’t pinch around the face and head, and that the weight is evenly distributed. If your glasses are wobbling slightly around the ears or nose, they may be too big or too small. Your eyelashes should also not be touching the lens or the frames of the sunglasses, if they are, look for another pair!

All quality sunglasses should come with a hard case to protect them when you are out or about, look after them well and they will look after you!

Thanks to Stephanie Adeyemi for sharing this great post. Stephanie is a freelance writer and you can contact her on her facebook page HERE

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