Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hi Divas and Dude, Still basking in the excitement of the weekend? Then you better wake up, a new week is here, Happy New Week.
Every Man and Woman are different, but with these set of 7, it would make it easy for you to transform from modern to chic and from cool to dapper.These fashion items are a great must have because you can combine these items with other fashion items to Revamp, Recreate another style and basically because they do not go out of style.


  1. A little black dress (LBD): for me, this is the most versatile piece, you can dress it down with a jewelry for a dinner, you can wear a blazer over it for work, you can dress it down and glam it with make for a party. Most importantly, the colour black is universal.
  2. A pair of plain jean: This piece for me,is timeless, its vintage, its classic, it never goes out of style. you can pair a jean with a t shirt, shirt, a top, blazer, strap sandals, flats,heels
  3. A blazer: This piece is power transformer, with a blazer you can transform from classy to chic,you can wear your blazer over a gown, a short, a pant, which ever piece you wear it on, you would be a stunner.

  4. A pair of black shoe (heels / flats): The color black matches any outfit, heels can bring out the classy and savvy side of every woman, while the flat ballerina is every girl's comfy. Both can pass for any occasion and the color black is just right if you do not know how to match colors. 

  5. A statement necklace: A pearl they say is every girl's best friend, a lady has to shine, and a statement necklace would make you shine.
  6. A perfume: Yeah we wear a perfume, you do not want to get to somewhere in a hurry and let your prickly heat odour feel the air. stay fresh!  but please do not choke the air with excessive perfume.
  7. A handbag n clutch: A bag is like every girl's little puppy, we carry things, our make up or phones, some sanitary towels and too many things that can surprisingly fit into a girl's bag, am sure you do not want to search a lady's bag. A lady without a bag or clutch is kind of naked.
NB: in getting these must haves, invest in pieces that would last.
If you are African like me, it wont hurt to add a traditional attire to the list.

  1. A pair of 3 piece suit and tie: This is a timeless classic for every man, with the passing of time and era, the suit has come in different styles, but a 3 piece suit is a saver, it can pass for work, a dinner date, or a formal occasion. You can revamp your 3 piece suit by wearing it alone with a shirt, a shirt and the waist coat, you can do without the tie, depending on the occasion. A suit makes a man classy "Trust a man in suit"
  2. A white shirt / t-shirt: I love to see a guy in white, it goes a long way to show how neat and dapper a guy can be, some how a white shirt or white t-shirt can bring out the cool and masculine side of a man, ever wonder why Piddy and David beckham love white? they live women drooling and wishing *winks*
  3. A set of jeans: A jean is a must have for every man, its a man's switch from day time to night, from cool to dapper. A jean can help boost a man's fashion sense, he can pair his jeans with any kind of foot wear and any kind of shirt, polo or t-shirt.
  4. A wrist watch: A very good male friend of mine once told me he feels naked without a wrist watch, come to think of it, its basically the kind of accessory men are used to. "Time is of essence" Time waits for no man
  5. A pair of black & brown shoes: A female friend of mine once told me before she agrees to date a man, she must check out his shoe *hahahaha! My Dad also once told me, you can tell the worth of a man through his pair of shoes, invest in a good shoe.
  6. A belt: This is a must have for men who like to tuck in, because most men have smaller waist, so they need belts to hold their pants in place. 
  7. A pair of short: This can pass for the weekend, its every man's comfy.
NB: If you are African like me, it wont hurt to add a traditional attire to the list.
Your thinking of a gift idea for he / her? then one of this fashion items wont be a bad idea.


  1. i totally agree with this list. and yes a native will be necessary for Nigerians. x

  2. Yep!! It def a most have