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Good day peeps, hope you all are good, am sorry I have been MIA, I have been so busy, but I always draft out my findings for my blogpost so as to keep you all informed. I like to refer to Ethniques blog as a PAN AFRICAN blog that celebrates Africa success story, culture, lifestyle and fashion.

Yes! It’s the GOOGLE AFRICA CONNECTED COMPETITION, and yay! Our very own Eseoghene Odiete won for Nigeria. This is a competition organized by Google, to reward young innovative Africans, who has through the help of Google created jobs, affect their own environment, set up their own businesses and earned a living. The Google Africa Connect Competition was launched sometime in August 2013, calling on young innovative Africans to tell how Google has helped them in creating their businesses. Over 2200 people from 35 countries vied for the competition and only 5 winners emerged.

Eseoghene Odiete the CEO and creative director of Hesey Designs,is one of the five winners of the Google Africa Connected Awards . Hesey Designs is involved in shoe and bag making, she makes use of African fabrics and leather to make bags, she futher more went to explain in her video how with the help of Google and Youtube videos she learnt how to make bags right after her graduation from school, she also explained that with the help of Google, she was able to locate over 100 blogs to advertise her bags, she has also featured in over 10 magazines and Africa Magic Star gist.

I have known Ese for a little while now (my bragging rights) I met her in a talk show hosted by Dr Mrs Ibukun Awosika, where she told her story and inspired young people to turn their love for creativity into a viable business. I have also enrolled in one of her classes where she teaches young men and women alike the art of bag, shoe and accessory making. I am really passionate about Hesy Designs, because she makes use of African fabrics

The Award ceremony was held in Nariobi Kenya on the 2nd of April 2014, where 5 winners carted away with the sum of $25,000 each. The winners are: Eric Obuh from Nigeria who uses Google and Youtube to create awareness and raise funds for kids in the slum to help them get scholarship to school. Chris Panford from Ghana he runs a transport company, where he helps drivers’ access loans. He uses google to monitor vehicles under bank loans. Eunice Namirembe from Uganda she runs a medical concierge group, she uses Google cloud and map to record patients’ information and track their location. Sitawa Wafula from Kenya used Google blogger to establish a blog on mental health, where people can access information and get help as regards their mental health. Eseoghene Odiete from Nigeria.
Here are links to their videos, you can watch them here :Eseoghene's video ,Eric's video , sitawa's videoChris video ,Eunice video
You can contact Hesey on , 08169357756 to get bags of your taste.
visit her facebook and instagram page for more designs.

You too can make it, be an object of positive change, I look forward to publishing your story. See you at the top.


  1. welcome back hun.. I ran into this a couple of weeks back wish I could participate :0
    see you at the top also.

  2. Such a young girl, i am touched, i hope to get her bags someday. hope its affordable

  3. tanx desola dear, i have been so busy, i would soon be back bigger and better. yes o please participate o, see you at the top. Toyosi dear, you can contact on her address above. sure they are affordable. i have myself her clutch.

  4. Congrats to her! She's very inspiring
    Her bags......are to die for!!

  5. Great achievement, Inspiring !

  6. Very beautiful ;)

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog


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