Saturday, 21 December 2013


I was watching "the Spot" on Ebony Life tv on Dstv channel 165, and Ebuka, Zainab and Lamide  talked about the 7 natural wonders of Nigeria. I was so fascinated about how evolving nature can be, so i took to search engines to research about it, and i realized, there are 7 Natural Wonders Of Nigeria and 7 Wonders Of Nigeria. Watch this space for the 7 Wonders Of Nigeria, for this post, i will focus on the    7 Natural Wonders Of Nigeria. This is the festive season, when alot of travelling and site seeing would be done, but on a light budget. Nigeria is richly blessed in terms of culture, landscape, mineral resources, human resources and tourist attractions.

The 7 Natural Wonders of Nigeria project, was designed to draw global attention to what God has used nature to bless us with, they must be "naturally occurring" wonders with breathtaking natural beauty, unique and amazing wildlife‘The 7 Natural Wonders of Nigeria includes:

 Ogbunike Cave in Anambra State
Ogbunike cave is one of the greatest wonders of nature. Located at Ogbunike, a few minutes drive from Onitsha, the commercial heartland of Eastern Nigeria, it rests on the border of the Niksi River in Oyi Local Government Area, ANAMBRA STATE. Ogba Ogbunike, as the locals call it, has been known to them for a very long time. It is a location where Africans hid from slave raiding parties during the "African holocaust" period. In October 8, 2007, the caves were included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

Ikogosi is a small quiet town in Ekiti West Local Government area of EKITI STATE, which has been catapulted to national and international limelight because of the presence of warm and cold springs flowing side by side in the town.

 Yankari National Park is a large wildlife park located in the south-central part of BAUCHI STATE, in northeastern Nigeria. It covers an area of about 2,244 km² (870 mi²) and is home to several natural warm water springs, as well as a wide variety of flora and faulocation in the heartland of the West African savanna makes it a unique way for tourists and holidaymakers to watch wildlife in its natural habitat. Yankari was designated as Nigeria’s biggest national park in 1991.

 THE MAMBILLA PLATEAU is a high grassland plateau with an average elevation of about 1,524 metres (5,000 ft) above sea level, making it the highest plateau in Nigeria. The plateau which has an undulating landscape free of insects, also has temperate climate within a tropical region.
Located in the highland region of TARABA STATE Nigeria
OWU FALLS is the highest and most spectacular natural water fall in West Africa, and is located in Ifelodun Local government area of KWARA STATE. The water fall stand as one of the symbol of nature which it existence is untraceable, but can only be appreciated and promoted by exploring. The water fall is 120m above water level and cascades 330 feet down an escarpment with rocky out crops to a pool of ice cold water below.
THE NIGER BENUE CONFLUENCE Its located in KOGI STATE, in the north central zone of Nigeria, it is popularly called the confluence state,due to the facts that Rivers Niger and Rivers Benue occurs there. Its Capital is lokoja.
FARIN RUWA falls, is found in Farin Ruwa Development Area, under Wamba Local Government Area of NASARAWA STATE.The falls is found along the boundary of Plateau and Nasarawa states,under Bokkos and Wamba Local Government areas of the two states .But the falls has its source on the Jos plateau, in Bokkos local government area,of Plateau state.

So if you are looking for where to spend this festive period in a place away from home, where nature is at its peak, without breaking the bank, then check out these places.



  1. they are really natural wonders.
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  6. This is a very lovely post considering most times I only hear Nigerians speak negatively abt their country.
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  7. Tanx Steph. Tanx Rose for the compliment, Nigeria is blessed, i would be helpful to send you a map for your trip to these places in Nigeria.