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Good day lovely people, this is a sponsored post. Indoor shopping is becoming a trend in Nigeria, and we are embracing it, its comfy, it’s affordable and it gives room for networking. The Shoppers Rendezvous is a shopping fair organized in the city of Aba, Abia State South-East Nigeria. The debut edition was a red carpet event held on the 4th of August 2013 in the Prestigious City Global Hotel Annex Aba. This event the Shoppers Rendezvous saw people from Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja, Uyo and Calabar shop and also display their wares.
The Shoppers Rendezvous is an idea that came as a mind power to two wonderful ladies, with entrepreneurial spirit in them, in the persons of Mrs Ijeure Onwadike of UREZ KULTURE and Mrs Esther Uche Ibe of HOUSE OF HADAZA.
They turned this idea of the SR into a great vision as they wrote it down, even when folks and friends said it wasn’t going to be possible especially regarding the city Aba. The duo believed one thing and that is “life is a battle” every Grammy you get in life, you must fight for it. Words are the weapon you need in every battle you find yourself in, says the duo. “Speak the word, decree it and declare it, bring unto your spirit, stay in the fight and you would definitely win because God has Ordained it”, so believed the duo as they tell their ordeal.
For the first ever edition of the SR, to our greatest surprise, the stands at the fair were exhausted by vendors.
I guess someone somewhere must have had this idea, but they couldn’t stand the criticism that came with it like we did. Buyers flooded the venue of the fair and truth be told, some business sold in seven hours what they couldn’t sell in their business locations in seven day. People testified it was well organized, many said it was excellent and asked for more exhibitions to be organized in this city. That is the story behind the SHOPPERS RENDEZVOUS.
The SR is going to be held once in every two months, the next one would be in October, so get ready the city of Aba.You can also contact Mrs Ijeure on 

Pictures after the cut: 

Ijeure of UrezKulture and Esther Ibe of House of Hadaza( the duo behind the SR)

photo credit by kevinaz (

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  1. Nice one. Wish i wud b able to make it to Aba for deir nxt edition. I luv Urezculture. I luv her spirit n her works.Uju, U̶̲̥̅̊ no dey invite me go dese kind tins na, Na to dey gist me for blog wetin happen.

  2. ADA dear , you know I can't leave you out of fun things like this, just keep visiting my blog for more information, sure I will keep you informed, or you can send her a mail to place order


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